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Must Have Smart Home Features For Your Custom Home

Must Have Smart Home Features For Your Custom Home

For most of us, building our home is a dream come true. In this age of technological advancements, people are incorporating smart-tech into home-making for smoother transitions. Now you can stay from anywhere and turn a light on or off in your home, lock a door you might have left open, and even turn your stove on or off.

It truly is a feat of advancement to be able to control your home functions from just your smartphone. This craze is far more than fashion, it is functional. These appliances can help to keep track of tasks, serve as security features, and even help you to buy groceries. Whatever way you choose, these smart-home features can be useful to your daily life. So how can you optimize use of these devices, and what are the best ones to have in your home? Let’s explore!

High Tech Cameras/Security System

At this time, we’ve probably all heard of a Ring doorbell camera, either being advertised, or hearing of its usefulness. Well, imagine a Ring doorbell on steroids. Smartphones or tablets hooked up to your entire home security system, that can now control your locks, indoor and outdoor cameras, and automatic dialing to either 911 or your security company. You can lock windows, shutters or blinds with these features, and keep an eye on your property from any remote location you choose. This is very good to have, as it gives you options to customize your home security settings anyway that you like, from lighting to camera view, and you can do this all from your smartphone. With these, security has never been easier, or more convenient.

 Must Have Smart Home Features For Your Custom Home

Smart-Home Assistant

Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri, Cortana. What do all these smartphone assistants have in common? They can also be used to operate your homes. From using Alexa to play music, to setting alarms and timers, any number of processes can be controlled by your home assistants. In addition, you can pair them with a number of home devices to streamline efficiency in your home such as your coffeemaker, oven, washer, or even your stove. 

These then act on commands that you provide, from anywhere in your house. They can also be used to monitor energy consumption, and keep bills low at the end of the month. For your new home, smart assistants can be one of your most useful tools, and greatest investments. Consider inquiring with any custom home builder such as Kent Pecoy in Marco Island for help with your upgrade needs such as this one.

A Smarter Way To Temp Control

We all know the benefits of having our thermostat around. Those cold winter months are unbearable without a heater, and a broken one will give you a new appreciation of the little things in life. So how about a thermostat that controls the temperature in your house from your smartphone, and can even adjust its own temperature based on the weather in your area, or your home’s energy needs. Smart thermostats are the most effective way to regulate the temperature of your home, without you having to change the temperature yourself. This is easy to use, and definitely reduces your personal tasks at home.

 Must Have Smart Home Features For Your Custom Home

Your Refrigerator Can Be Cooler Than You Think

Our refrigerator is always useful in our kitchens. For storing our food, giving us ice, and our water. Refrigerators these days, however, are far more advanced in their range of functions for the average household. Imagine setting all your tasks for the day and having them synced to all your smart devices so you have them on the go. Your phone being sent an alert when

food is about to go bad so you can remember to use them. Think about your grocery lists on your smartphone confirmed by cameras inside your fridge that check for items that you are low on or might have forgotten to add. Other household members can also edit these lists and add them to yours remotely so you know what to get.

On the note of family, are you used to writing notes and leaving them stuck on the fridge door? You can say goodbye to paper waste with these smart refrigerators, now you can write, leave and edit a digital note on the screen of your smart fridge for your family to see. The range of uses for a smart refrigerator are numerous, and it is definitely a must-have when completing your home to help you make your home-life far easier, and your family’s day far more streamlined.

It’s Time To Cook In Style

Before the Internet revolution reached our home appliances, our most advanced stoves used to, at most, be able to give us a warning when our food was done baking, give us a light in the oven, and set to a timer to complete a task. Stoves in the digital age, however, are far more useful. These stoves now connect to our smart devices (phones, tablets and computers), so we can control our cooking experience from there.

Turn on your stovetops, change the temperature in your oven, set or lower the timer in your oven, keep track of your cooking progress, and you can get alerts, reminders and beeps so your food will never burn again (a daily struggle for those who have to multitask). Your smart stove can even get used to your style of cooking, and personalize its settings to suit your personal preferences. A smart stove, like a smart fridge, can be a useful appliance to have in your home, optimizing your kitchen experience.

 Must Have Smart Home Features For Your Custom Home

Modernize Your Laundry Chores

Here again is another device that is optimal for those of us who like to multitask. Receive updates and alerts on your wash cycle on your smart device, set cycle times and customize your options remotely. Your washer can even suggest cycle types and times based on your settings for the load, which accounts for dirt and stain. Your smart dryer will set its timer to your schedule, and start and stop the process, based on your predetermined end time. Wanted to multitask without feeling the guilt of having clothes left in the dryer too long? Then these smart appliances will surely help you out.

There are a host of other features and appliances that could come in handy in your new home such as smart locks, smart mirrors, smart speakers etc. Also consider using a custom home builder in Marco Island Florida for your home upgrade needs, you will be very satisfied with the outcome. Which ones you use all depends on your preferences and your needs. So take stock of what your daily routines are, and use that to narrow down on the appliances that are right for you. Technology is here to stay and ever-improving, so don’t hesitate to use your home to start your day right, and optimize your daily life.