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Nail it Salon by Estudio ALA, Zapopan, Mexico

César Béjar

Colorful sticks hang from the ceiling of this nail salon in Zapopan, Mexico, recently designed by Estudio ALA. Making reference to the colorful palette of nail polishing products, the project was designed with a strong palette to create an identity that could be replicated in any commercial space without loosing the feeling of the studio.


The customer area works as an open floor plan and is segmented vertically in two: the client area and the ceiling installation with 7000 colored sticks. These hanging elements are attached individually and work as a whole. The light and color installation provide illumination into the customer area, provoking diverse textures and effects when the elements virtually overlap and give the feeling that the whole ceiling changes as you walk thru the studio. Specially designed furniture was taught to maintain the feeling of continuity into the space.


On the back of the studio, enclosed by clear glass, one can find a children’s area were kids can enjoy themselves while their mothers are being attended by the staff. The area is defined by a pink plastic floor in the same color as the ceiling, giving continuity to the whole concept. It is in this area were the ceiling intervention reveals its specific yet universal condition.

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