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Nendo-curated exhibition in Singapore unveils Japanese Design


Japanese design studio Nendo has curated ‘Hidden – Unveiling Japanese Design’ at the National Design Centre in Singapore. Developed around three keywords — “behind,” “inside,” and “before” — the exhibition feature more than 40 products – from glassware, tableware and furniture, to stationery, bags and even packing boxes. Each exhibit will be an object of inspiration to fuel the creativity of budding designers, and show consumers how smart designs shape daily experiences. Attendees will have the opportunity to view a hand-picked collection of Japanese designs, and learn from several Japanese designers who will be present at the exhibition to share the inspirations behind their designs.


Then, visitors will see that these do not come from some grandiose structure or planning, but the designer’s small considerations and twists. Post-war Japan has been a country of technology, taking advantage of its high tech.

Yet those who design or manufacture products actually give higher priority and meticulous consideration to the user’s behaviors and psychology, than to advanced technologies. Herein lies the essence of Japan’s design and


Here is the true value of “made in Japan.” Some say that Western design is one of addition, while Japan’s is one of deduction.” This is often misunderstood to mean a methodology of “cutting off” elements to the minimal. In fact, it is not cutting off anything. Rather, Japan’s design “covers up” a great diversity of elements without being flashy and with excellent skill. This hiding makes the nation’s designs so attractive.

The Hidden – Unveiling Japanese Design will be open until 23rd October, 2014 at National Design Centre in Singapore.

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all images © MASAYA YOSHIMURA – courtesy of NENDO