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Nendo Expandable Carbon Fibre Nest Shelf

Akihiro Yoshida and Takumi Ota

Japanese studio nendo has created a expandable shelving unit which will debut at London Design Festival 2015. Vertical sections are made from 3.7 mm thick carbon fiber, while the 3.7 mm thick horizontal sections consist of aramid fibre-made honeycomb material sandwiched between carbon fiber. Both sections are coated with a larch veneer, forming a 4.8 mm thick shelving hidden within the 9.6 mm thick outer storage. The width of the shelf’s fully-collapsed state doubles when fully extended outward, allowing the user the flexibility to choose a width appropriate for the space available. Extending the shelf halfway produces a grid shelf-style layout with rows of square shelves, which can be used for books and other items.

 nendo-designs-expandable-carbon-fibre-nest-shelf-2 nendo-designs-expandable-carbon-fibre-nest-shelf-3 nendo-designs-expandable-carbon-fibre-nest-shelf-4 nendo-designs-expandable-carbon-fibre-nest-shelf-5 nendo-designs-expandable-carbon-fibre-nest-shelf-6 nendo-designs-expandable-carbon-fibre-nest-shelf-7 nendo-designs-expandable-carbon-fibre-nest-shelf-8

all images © Akihiro Yoshida and Takumi Ota