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nendo designs new packaging for Japanese craft beer

Akihiro Yoshida

Japanese design studio nendo has designed the packaging for a Japanese craft beer produced in a sake brewery, launched to support the Sekinoichi sake brewery in Iwate, which was devastated by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. The beer is available in three varieties: the golden (= kin) pale ale, the red (= aka) dark pilsner, and the black (= kuro) stout. Taking inspiration from the unique combination of beer and sake brewery, which is called a ‘kura’ in Japanese, the products were named Kin Kura, Aka Kura, and Kuro Kura. The Chinese characters for gold, red, and black were each incorporated into the character for kura along with the character’s English transliteration ‘KURA’ to create logos reminiscent of a family crest.

 nendo-designs-new-packaging-for-japanese-craft-beer-2 nendo-designs-new-packaging-for-japanese-craft-beer-3 nendo-designs-new-packaging-for-japanese-craft-beer-4 nendo-designs-new-packaging-for-japanese-craft-beer-5 nendo-designs-new-packaging-for-japanese-craft-beer-6

all images © Akihiro Yoshida