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nendo x Star Wars

Akihiro Yoshida

Prolific Japanese design studio nendo has turned  Star Wars characters into objects in abstract 3D shapes. Many character goods have been made based on the film, with many based on 2D image manipulation. So nendo wanted to open up new possibilities by creating a simplified 3D form. For example, a consecutive repetition of Darth Vader’s concave eyes and mouth turned the object into the instantly recognizable character from every angle. The volume and the curvature of the characters were all adjusted to be more or less similar, all having a rounded top and concave base. This enabled the characters to be stacked on top of each other for different purposes. These designs are aimed at being used as a type of “material”, offering the opportunity to the designers and manufacturers who have obtained the licenses to develop their products based on these forms.

A wide variety of usage can be envisaged ranging from kitchenware such as cups, salt & pepper pots, stationary such as paper weights, jewelry such as necklaces, or beading several of them into bracelets. The expansion of the product offerings can be infinite, which provides a whole new fun and creative aspect of exploring the possibilities that resides in characters.

 Star_Wars04_akihiro_yoshida Star_Wars05_akihiro_yoshida Star_Wars06_akihiro_yoshida Star_Wars08_akihiro_yoshida Star_Wars09_akihiro_yoshida Star_Wars10_akihiro_yoshida Star_Wars11_akihiro_yoshida Star_Wars12_akihiro_yoshida Star_Wars13_akihiro_yoshida Star_Wars14_akihiro_yoshida Star_Wars15_akihiro_yoshida Star_Wars16_akihiro_yoshida Star_Wars17_akihiro_yoshida

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