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Nike introduces a New Retail Experience with NikeLab

Nike has created a new consumer experience called NikeLab that will transform the retail landscape in both physical spaces and through e-commerce. NikeLab opens on June 12 in New York, London, Paris, Milan, Shanghai and Hong Kong, and digitally through Nike.com/NikeLab.


The new destination will provide consumers with unique expressions of Nike’s leading innovations within an experience that bridges physical retail, online commerce, and digital engagement. Nike.com/NikeLab will also extend consumer engagement globally through Twitter and Instagram, and via We Chat in China.


NikeLab is a place to showcase how Nike interacts and collaborates with other innovators as part of its larger journey of exploration. Offering expanded access to Nike’s most anticipated and surprising products, NikeLab broadens the experience to global communities through the digital space. Designed to be a retail destination that serves to spark consumer discovery in new and unexpected ways, NikeLab will present a curated collection defined by product never before imagined paired with new variations of our celebrated performance styles.


Limited editions of Nike’s latest performance and sport style innovations that express the intersection of sport, design, and culture will be available. Nike’s heritage styles have also been reinterpreted through creative collaborations, and unique capsule collections from various creative partners such as designer Jun Takahashi from UNDERCOVER, will come together as a tailored assortment exclusive to NikeLab.

For more information on NikeLab visit Nike.com/NikeLab.


all images and video courtesy of NIKE