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Nike Releases Swoosh 1 Flyknit Trainers for Infants and Toddlers

Nike Swoosh 1


Nike has introduced the Nike Swoosh 1 trainer, a vibrant Flyknit shoe designed for young children. This eco-friendly footwear is crafted from 80% recycled materials, providing a sustainable option. The shoe aims to replicate the sensation of walking barefoot, ensuring utmost comfort for the little ones. Nike has emphasized that this product is available worldwide, catering to the needs of early walkers and assisting them in their developmental journey.

Nike Swoosh 1

Promoting natural gait development holds great importance for young children who are just starting to walk. Studies indicate that our gait pattern, which stays with us throughout our lives, begins to take shape as early as five to six months after we start walking. In order to develop in the way they are naturally meant to, our feet require the ability to bend, flex, grip, and splay. Reflecting the close attention Nike paid to this research, the Swoosh 1 is the first Nike Kids shoe ever to receive the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance, a mark signaling how the shoe can help promote natural foot development.

Nike Swoosh 1

The shoe’s seamless Flyknit upper provides 360 degrees of pliable support. The shoe can bend in all directions, helping to provide kids the mobility they need to mimic the feeling of cruising around barefoot. (Fun fact: Babies have more nerve endings concentrated in their feet than in any other part of their body.) The wide toe box allows the toes to splay and flex naturally. To ensure all that cruising around doesn’t turn into a fall, the lightweight TPU outsole is grippy for traction and durability.

The Nike Swoosh 1 releases globally in sizes 3C through 7C.