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No Limit to Technology in the Home

No Limit to Technology in the Home

Technology in the office, at home and at play has accelerated at a fantastic pace. Industries such as aeronautics, automotive, security, and gaming have always been keen to take up new technology, from RFID, facial recognition, automated rooms and more. The home can be a model of automated Smart Home technology. The terms “IP cameras”, “Alexa”, “automation” and “smartphone” are now almost household names, but innovative minds are treading further into areas hitherto not yet regarded as obvious players in the Smart Home game. With a smartphone or tablet in hand, life in the home has become amazingly efficient.

Tech Explosion – Ten years ago, the mere idea that the smartphone could be at the center of your home was unheard of. Using a hand-held device to control your security cameras, thermostats and a host of home appliances was just Star Trek-type science fiction. The global smart home market is predicted to grow at a rate of 14.5% annually, reaching $53.45 billion by 2022.

 No Limit to Technology in the Home

Smart Refrigerator – The data that you share with your devices is of great interest to companies. Who wouldn’t be happy that you can order food while standing in front of your fridge? Samsung’s new refrigerator can order Fresh Direct groceries from a touchscreen on the door. In addition to the expected fridge capabilities, it also displays photos, the weather, notes for the household and more—all controlled from the app.

Pet Surveillance – There’s a way to keep an eye on your dog while you’re away from home—with an app called Furbo. You can see what the dog is doing via camera or get alerts when the dog is barking. You can even use the microphone and speaker to talk to your dog. This interactive pet camera has a treat dispenser that you pre-load and then use later to toss a snack to your dog with the press of a button in the app.

Cooking Revolutionized – You can use either Drop Scale or Salter Cook to simply choose a recipe, decide how much you want to make, and then have everything calibrated accordingly. These apps make following your recipes much more interactive. Instead of using a kitchen scale in the traditional way, you can display these scales on your smartphone or tablet. You can adjust the weight and ingredients easily through the app. For even more convenience, Samsung has a gas range with Wi-Fi connectivity so that you can adjust the temperature using your smartphone without even looking in the kitchen.

 No Limit to Technology in the Home

Cleanliness – With a motion-sensor garbage bin, you can lift the lid of your trash can with a wave of a hand. This hands-free operation promotes hygiene in the kitchen. Heatwork’s countertop, internet-connected dishwasher would make a wonderful addition to your kitchen. Furthermore, although cleaning aids like automatic vacuums and mops have been around for some time, they now have added features that detect areas that have already been cleaned and then return the appliance to the charging base.

Outside the Box – A highly-creative idea is the Archer VibrAcoustic Bath, which acts as a Bluetooth speaker while you are enjoying your music. Then there’s the talking pill bottle (like Glowcap or Talking RX) that allows you to get reminders, share information from your doctor and reorder your prescription.

There is no limit to technology. The smart home will be characterized by high-tech kitchen appliances that free you up to concentrate on more important things in life. The smartphone will be at the center of this development. By using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled devices, the homeowner enters a brave new world of total convenience.

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