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Noordung Angel Edition Electric Bike


The young Slovenian start-up Noordung has created the Noordung Angel Edition Electric Bike, a limited edition of fifteen unique and handmade urban electric bicycles that feature a battery that charges phones and doubles as a speaker.

The Boombox, a multifunction device that includes 32 Li-Ion batteries and two speakers, can play 100 hours of music, controlled by the user’s phone. The sound from the Boombox is directed towards the rider and it does not disturb the surrounding people. Besides batteries and speakers it also contains sensors for measuring air quality. This lets cyclists to know the level of air pollution where they travel, recommending cleaner routes.

Two USB ports allow users to charge smartphones, laptops and other electronic devices and has Bluetooth 3.0 connection. The bicycle weights only 15.6 kg – including the 2.7 kg of the Boombox – with a frame in carbon fiber.

 noordung-angel-edition-electric-bike-2 noordung-angel-edition-electric-bike-3 noordung-angel-edition-electric-bike-4 noordung-angel-edition-electric-bike-5 noordung-angel-edition-electric-bike-6 noordung-angel-edition-electric-bike-7

all images courtesy of Noordung