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Numen / For Use’s Tube Installation in Cologne

Numen / For Use

Design collective Numen / For Use has conceived an immersive, tube installation constructed of stitched safety nets that pulsates and oscillates. The object is suspended with numerous synthetic ropes, channelling a giant convulsing centipede. Such dispersed structural support enables even distribution of forces and allows the structure to feel soft and fully transparent as it transcends the architectural void, causing the sensation of free floating for the person inside.

The upper part of the structure, tailored from a flat net surface, consists of larger spaces, while the lower part of the installation, made of net hoses, feature narrow tunnels of entrance and exit. Two parts seamlessly merge in a pulsing spiral of the structure.

 numen-for-use-tube-installation-cologne-1 numen-for-use-tube-installation-cologne-2 numen-for-use-tube-installation-cologne-5 numen-for-use-tube-installation-cologne-6 numen-for-use-tube-installation-cologne-7 numen-for-use-tube-installation-cologne-8 numen-for-use-tube-installation-cologne-9 numen-for-use-tube-installation-cologne-10 numen-for-use-tube-installation-cologne-11 numen-for-use-tube-installation-cologne-12 numen-for-use-tube-installation-cologne-13

all images courtesy of Numen / For Use