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Oaxen Krog & Slip Restaurant in Stockholm

courtesy of Oaxen

In the historical area of Djurgårdsvarvet, a run down shed on the island of Djurgården has been rebuilt by Stockholm-based studio Fahlander Arkitekter to house renown restaurant Oaxen, relocating it from far out in the archipelago to the city centre. The building accomodates two restaurants, the bistro Oaxen Slip and the fine dining restaurant Oaxen Krog, seating 76 respectively 32 people. One of the main challenges was to preserve and enrich the historical shipyard environment with a respectfull addition, adapted to the restaurant owners’ vision. The new building has inherited the silhouette of the old shed and retained the generality and generous dimensions that often characterize this kind of industrial architecture.

The marine environment and original workshed are overall themes in both the architecture and the interior. A limited palette of materials that age with dignity have been chosen – hand-made tiles, sanded concrete, steel, solid oak, leather. The interior is conceived as a quiet backdrop to the reused furniture and the beautifully presented food.

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images are by Åke E:son Lindman unless otherwise stated