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Odette Tea Room by Hugon Kowalski

Tom Kure | Tomirri Photography

Polish architect Hugon Kowalski has recently completed the interior of Odette, a contemporary teahouse located in the Cosmopolitan, a skyscraper in the strict Warsaw city center. The main assumption was to create two planes. The first plane, with the characteristic plant motif wallpaper, is the setting for four tables for consuming biscuits or one of the 100 tea types from all over the world, marveling at the historical church in Grzybowski Square. The second plane features a red setting a houses the amenities.

The stone flooring reflects the material used in the square in front of the building, erasing the borderline between the interior and the exterior.

The character of the teahouse is emphasized by the original wallpaper including banana tree leaves, a rosewood counter, veneered tables shaped like leaves and chairs resembling twig weaves. The plant patterns bring harmony and the gentleness of the plant world into the interior.

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all images © Tom Kure | Tomirri Photography