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Olfattorio Vases by Cristina Celestino


Cristina Celestino unveiled a series of borosilicate glass vases which preserve and amplify the scent of the flower that lives its cycle in a protected atmosphere. Olfattorio takes inspiration from the “arte profumatoria”, a discipline documented through the alembics used by perfumers to create fragrances. The project places the flower with its essence at the center of the composition. A sensory path that has the purpose of retaining and returning the odorous nature, impalpable and volatile by itself, with greater intensity.

The collection consists of a set of tools to smell flowers or aromatic essences. Volumes are composed of cylindrical bases with a filigree treatment and “olfactory” bubbles. The transparent bubble is placed on top of the textured cylindrical volume. The collection will be presented at Stockholm Design Week 2015.

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