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Opera Software HQ in Wroclaw by mode:lina

Marcin Ratajczak

Poland-based architecture firm mode:lina architekci faced the challenge of developing the interior design for Norwegian company Opera Software, creator of the popular web browser. The company headquarters are located in two prestigious town houses in the hearth of Wroclaw – one from the beginning of the XIX century and the second from 1913. The location of the office heavily influenced the overall concept for the refurbishment, combining cultural icons of the city within the context of the building.

Wroclaw is the largest city in Western Poland and is also known as the “City of One Hundred Bridges.” To incorporate that theme, arched curves and beams were used to decorate the entrance of each room.

The arrangement of the kitchenette is an abstract, but recognisable reference to the architectural icons of the city, such as the construction of Market Hall, Central Railway Station hall or Szczytnicki’s Park. On the contrary, meeting rooms are directly associated with computers and IT branch: there is an integrated circuit, fans and decors, which are made out of nearly one thousand old floppy disks and over two hundred keyboards.

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