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Your WordPress Store Slackening In Corona Outburst? Follow these Must Do’s To Enhance Your Store’s Speed

The Importance Of Optmizing WordPress Store For Speed In The Time Of COVID-19 Crisis

When did you realize Corona has hit us really hard? When the world got stopped, and people went locking themselves down in their homes? When the businesses were scrambling to get on their feet, and there were no recreational or fun in public? 

Nah! We knew Corona had given us the worst blow when the internet was getting slower. When more people clogged the networks, shifted en mass to work from home, consumed more Netflix, & browsed political debates mindlessly. And yes, not taking anything away from the ones who developed new online skills for certificates!

But not everything is bad about Corona. With boomers consuming online content more than ever on their newly-signed-up social apps, and everyone else spending more on online purchases— the Coronavirus has also opened many gates for online business growth.

Good businesses follow their customers to mars. You only have to follow them on the internet.

You understand where your potential customers are spending most of their time. Right? You simply have to cater to the products or services on the hotspot where your customers are. And currently, they’re on the internet!

Let’s assume you have decided to follow your customers on the internet. What’s next? Well, Hire wordpress developers should you look to build an online web presence for your business. And for the ones who already have websites— speed up wordpress sites because now is the time when you need to optimize your store more than ever.

The slowing down of the internet is testing customers’ patience. Be a little considerate. Speed up your wordpress site.

Short of reasons to optimize WordPress Store in the time of the Covid-19 crisis? We’ll give you three compelling reasons to revamp your wordpress website.

Reason #1: The dying internet speed is frustrating for the overall customer experience. You want your customers to remember you in these hard times. 

Reason #2: To rank your website on SERP— for the love of a proverbial jewel in the search engines’ crowns. Because if you don’t get up on the SERP hierarchy. Someone else will.

Reason #3: Haters gonna hate. Customers bouncing off gonna bounce. If they bounced off pre-corona, what makes you think they won’t bounce off now?

How to speed up your wordpress site— adapting to coronavirus challenges with limited time at your disposal.

WHO says, “we may never have the ‘silver bullet’ against the CoronaVirus.” But that doesn’t end the world. We have silver bullets against slow page loads & website performances. Let’s check out these vaccines for speeding up the wordpress site.

Technique #1: Think Psychologically. What’s more meaningful? Life or aesthetics?

Human beings are biologically programmed with life forces or desires like— security, survival, freedom, food, and essentials, etc.

Corona has threatened all of these. You want to be solving real-life problems with your website than to have worlds of aesthetics now.

Can a massive website design wait? Yes. Can the large files wait? Yes, unless it’s needed. Can your website wait? No. Choosing between life forces and secondary human wants gets trickier. But you’ll have to choose between the two. The ball is in your court.

Technique #2: Your website host providers may not be kind ‘hosts.’ Change ’em up.

Your host provider may act as a good host. But it may not necessarily be a good one— not when a lot of guests (traffic) get on your wordpress website. 

While you think that the shared hosting providers will offer you ‘unlimited’ bandwidths and domains, all you have is a dead website to deal with and plenty of frustrated customers to lose.

The philosophy of ‘sharing is caring’ doesn’t make sense with the shared server resources. Your neighbors eat the cake, and you have constipation. They occupy the shared resources, and your website goes numb.

With growing online potentials amid Corona, you can switch to dedicated cloud servers to ‘handle your own mess’ efficiently.

Technique #3: Pick a light-weight wordpress theme. Simple is catchy— now and ever.

Who would want to have a modest home when having a visually-arresting skyscraper is permissible at cheaper rates? The shiny wordpress themes are the skyscrapers. They look good and have phenomenal first date-experience with the customers.

But would you have these skyscrapers if we have them without lifts? What’s the point of having them when you can’t access the rooms of the higher floors? Similarly, heavy wordpress themes are great. But not to forget that they don’t give an interactive-control to the customers.

Avoid them getting on your websites without lifts. Select simple and speed optimized themes that will help them navigate through the website seamlessly. Simple is elegant— and never gets out of trend. And Corona is definitely not a trend to allot all your resources in the wrong spaces. 

Technique #4: Your cache plugin is the key. Enable it for a faster browsing experience.

Remember how Tom Cruise loaded before triggering his gun in the Mission Impossible series? He did it to save every second.

Similarly, the cache plugin is a way of loading your website data (bullets) on the hard drives (gun) to save every second and offer faster business experience. When your visitors visit the website for the first time, the hard drive makes a copy of the page after the first load. On revisiting the website, the drive serves the cached data for faster loading. 

Imagine you and your competitors are in Russian roulette. And you have to load the bullet in one of the chambers. The one who shots wins! The same goes with the cache plugin. Either you load and show up early, or say goodbye to your business in havoc-wreaking Corona.

Technique #5: Set your room in order. Clean up your database.

The feel of shifting to a new house is unmatched. You make a resolution that you’ll keep everything in order, won’t let the mess pile up. Until… you give up the urge in a month or two. In the best case, argh! We mean in the worst case— sometimes in a few days.

Your wordpress database has the same story. It’s home to unnecessary files, data, comments, and drafts that eventually cost your website’s speed. To work on this, you need to get your’ cleaning instinct’ right in order back again and delete the unused files and data. 

No, you don’t have to clean all the corners of the database manually. Some tools and plugins help you separate the wheat from the chaff— quite distinctively.

Technique #6: Minimalism is a thing of optimization. Practice it throughout your website, including the plugins.

We love over-resourcing to prevent downtime. Don’t we? But in most cases, they backfire. Over-designing, over-content-delivery in a single web page, overly burdensome media files, and lots of wordpress plugins— we can’t get over our practices.

The aftermath of over resourcing is most felt in situations like Corona. And they are not suitable for your wordpress website. These practices slack off the speed of your website. 

You want to get habitual of minimizing your resources. Edit your content if it’s too hefty. Compress all your media files. Limit plugins by removing the non-active ones from your wordpress website.

Key Takeaways— Speeding up your wordpress website amid corona challenges.

  • The internet has slowed down. You need to fasten up. Optimize!
  • Focus on light-weight and problem-solving functionalities.
  • A pocket-size powerhouse is the trend. Minimize your resources. 
  • Have wordpress experts solve your optimization problem. Your slow-loading website needs antidotes from the industrial experts.