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Oriental Designs for your Walls: Exploring Oriental Themes Wallpaper

Oriental Designs for your Walls: Exploring Oriental Themes Wallpaper

Chinoiserie is an art form that is a westernized interpretation of Oriental or East Asian arts. This type of art form is depicted through decorative arts like pottery and paintings or design like architecture, landscape and performative arts like music and theatre. Specifically, in the field of interior design, Chinoiserie is expressed through oriental themes wallpaper. This type of wallpaper features Asian and East Asian motifs that form a repetitive pattern or an overall continuous design. 

Oriental themes wallpaper designs can be subtle and delicate, with the usage of flowers, plants or animals and some designs can be more accentuated or jarring. Traditional oriental themes wallpaper was made of parchment or bamboo paper, with the motifs being hand-painted with pigments or real dried up flowers and plants being pasted to the paper. 

While hanging wallpaper that suits your needs may sound easy, there must be a certain amount of forethought. Before you choose the wallpaper of your choice, it is important to understand the nuances behind the paper and the choices. So, why should you choose Chinoiserie for your wall?

1. The authenticity of Oriental Culture

To use it as a form of aesthetic requires respecting the roots of the art and where it comes from. Misappropriating it would be the greatest form of injustice not only to the art but to space as well. When you understand its history and significance, a deeper apperception can be formed around the space in which you want to use it, creating a harmonious and gracious balance that respects and highlights it.

2. Aesthetic Beauty

There is no doubt about the fact that oriental themes wallpaper like this would be a great addition to your interiors. Having an accent wall always draws attention and livens up the room. Using oriental themes wallpaper delivers a sort of artistic charm that will give the space an irresistible and unique allure.

3. Nod to Nature

Since most of the motifs on oriental themes wallpaper are flowers, plants or animals, it is a graceful tribute to nature. A space influencing the environment enhances one’s connection to nature, even if it’s through physical greenery within. Paintings of nature, abstraction of nature or artistically on wallpaper. This type of wallpaper also becomes a great canvas for adding modern and minimal pieces of decor that would complete the interiors.

4. Simplicity and Complexity

Oriental themes Wallpaper can have various designs, some subtle and some more ornate. A simple design would include flowers and plants in a repeating pattern, against a light coloured background while complex oriental wallpaper designs would display an entire elaborate painting across a single wall or bright motifs against an even brighter background.

5. Embracing the Old with New

The traditional and vintage vibes exuded by these wallpapers are a great backdrop for modern elements to be added in front of it. Merging the old-fashioned wallpaper with contemporary pieces creates a beautiful amalgamation of styles and aesthetics.

6. An Array of Choices

Oriental themes wallpapers are present in many different colours, textures and designs, with patterns ranging from flowers, plants, water and animals to architecture, texts and abstractions of the same. Since there is such a large selection, you can choose the one that fits your style and vision.

 Oriental Designs for your Walls: Exploring Oriental Themes Wallpaper

Design Considerations While Choosing Oriental Themes Wallpaper

1. Overlooking the Design Restraint

It is important to show restraint when it comes to where and how much wallpaper to use in a particular room. Covering all the walls with the same pattern becomes too jarring and overwhelming for someone inside it. To make sure the wallpaper is fully appreciated, accenting it on 2 walls will make the space special. 

2. Analysing Colour and Patterns

Make sure to choose the right colour and the right pattern that best suits what you like or what kind of vibe you’re going for. This is paramount because at the end of the day it is the result of your personalised vision and you should be satisfied with it.

3. Blending with the Interior Decor

Choose the right furniture and decor pieces that complement the wallpaper and that doesn’t seem out of place. If you have already chosen furniture first, make sure to choose the wallpaper accordingly.

4. Accenting the Right Wall with an Oriental Themes Wallpaper

Putting the wallpaper on an important wall draws attention. To show full appreciation and to highlight the wall in its complete beauty, the wall it will be featured on must be a prominent one.

Using Oriental Themes Wallpaper is a beautiful way to enhance a space with traditional elements while being respectful and mindful of its origins and aesthetic. The artistic motifs on the wall bring a sort of fragility and poise that cannot be achieved with a simple layer of paint.