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Ostrich Pillow Mini

Young designers at Studio Banana Things continue the ‘Napping Revolution’ with yet another cutting-edgedesign which is intriguingly cool, called Ostrich Pillow Mini. It comes in four fashionable colors, resembles a cute cartoon character; or perhaps an ostrich egg, yet fits like a glove and is the grooviest little portable pillow.


Simply slip on Ostrich Pillow Mini on either hand flop your head onto it in your preferred position and drift away, whilst making all those around you green with envy.

Ostrich Pillow Mini will be on Kickstarter for 30 days and aims to raise $15,000 to commence production.


3-ostrich-pillow-mini-by-studio-banana-things 4-ostrich-pillow-mini-by-studio-banana-things 5-ostrich-pillow-mini-by-studio-banana-things

all images and video courtesy of STUDIO BANANA THiNGS