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Steph Curry Brings Palm Back To Life With A Credit Card-Sized Smartphone

Palm Smartphone


Palm was one of the first companies to bring your digital life from your desktop to your palm back in 1996. Now, A San Francisco-based startup, which purchased the rights for the name from TCL last year, has unveiled a tiny phone as an alternative to wearables such as the $399 Apple Watch Series 4.

 Palm Smartphone

The new Palm is designed for life on the go. Put it into your smallest pocket, wear it on your neck or slip it into your yoga pants. About the size of a credit card and light enough to forget about, you can take your connectivity with you everywhere from the treadmill, to the beach, to your little black dress.

Palm isn’t a replacement for your smartphone – it’s a fully connected product that is in sync with your existing smartphone, so all of your connectivity can go where your smartphone can’t. Palm runs Android OS, works with Verizon NumberShare, is voice-activated with Google Assistant, and has a 12MP rear and 8MP front-facing camera to capture every moment with stunning quality.

 Palm Smartphone

Palm is designed to bring people out of their tech and into their lives. With Life Mode, we’re reimagining how we interact with the physical and digital world – never compromising one for the other. Life Mode helps you live in the moment but keeps your digital life available when you need it. When Life Mode is enabled, you will not be bothered with calls and texts as long as the screen is off. You can catch up on your notifications just by waking the screen. This key feature allows you to connect on your terms.

 Palm Smartphone

Palm is designed to help you get to what matters quickly through voice, quick action menus, and the gesture pad. Play music, create events, reply to texts, or get directions with just a couple taps or by using your voice.

Palm does not require a new phone number. Because it uses Verizon’s NumberShare, you can sync all your calls and text conversations with your Palm using your existing Verizon phone number through Verizon’s Message+.

Your Palm is meant to be secure but still easy to use while on the go. With Face Recognition, your unique look can unlock your device in a flash. Palm teamed up with Fleksy to design a custom keyboard that delivers a full keyboard typing experience for an ultra mobile form factor. Fleksy also enables gestures and voice-to-text which makes typing simple and convenient. Starting next month, consumers can buy the credit card-sized Palm for $349 from Verizon Communications Inc.