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PANCH Cocktail Key Lets Anyone Make Perfect Cocktails


UK cocktail brand PANCH has unveiled the Cocktail Key, an elegant cocktail measure with unique tiered design allowing you to make perfectly balanced cocktails at home.

Panch is Hindi for ‘5’ and where the ‘Punch’ cocktail name derives due to it’s 5 part formation – Sweet, Sour, Strong, Weak, and Spice. This formula is the backbone of some of the best-known classics such as the Mojito, Tom Collins, Moscow Mule, Tommy’s Margarita and Whisky Sour.


Designed in two parts, the internal measure is comprised of tiered levels with a fixed ratio of Sweet, Sour, and Strong, whereby respective liquids of a Syeup, Citrus, Spirit, are poured to each defined step to obtain the correct balance. The detachable Weak measure also pulls away as a guide for juices in shaken drinks. Spice can then be added in the form of bitters to add extra flavour complexity.


A cocktail shaker is not always required as contents of the Cocktail Key can be poured straight into an ice filled glass and then topped up with a mixer. Once the user quickly masters the process they can start creating their own bespoke cocktails by introducing different key ingredients.

Cocktail Key is seeking founds through a campaign on Kickstarter.



all images and video courtesy of PANCH