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Paolo Pettigiani Infrared New York Landscape

Paolo Pettigiani

New York-based, Italian born photographer and graphic designer Paolo Pettigiani has recently captured a surprising collection of pictures of Central Park’s landscape, in a series named Infrared NYC.

Using a infrared-aerochrome film photo which reverses the real colors to transform them into red, pink, the artist shows the park under a new perspective. The usual green grass and trees are transformed into a bright cotton candy pink which vividly contrasts with the aquamarine sky. Head over to Paolo Pettigiani’s official website for a look at more captivating photography projects. You can also follow him on Instagram here.

 paolo-pettigiani-infrared-new-york-landscape-2 paolo-pettigiani-infrared-new-york-landscape-3 paolo-pettigiani-infrared-new-york-landscape-4 paolo-pettigiani-infrared-new-york-landscape-5 paolo-pettigiani-infrared-new-york-landscape-6 paolo-pettigiani-infrared-new-york-landscape-7 paolo-pettigiani-infrared-new-york-landscape-8 paolo-pettigiani-infrared-new-york-landscape-9 paolo-pettigiani-infrared-new-york-landscape-10 paolo-pettigiani-infrared-new-york-landscape-11 paolo-pettigiani-infrared-new-york-landscape-12 paolo-pettigiani-infrared-new-york-landscape-13

all images © Paolo Pettigiani