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Pen Store Stockholm by Form Us With Love


Pen Store is a new retail space in Stockholm, Sweden, that behaves like a shop, a gallery, an atelier and a supplier warehouse – a new brand experience, designed by Form Us With Love. With the aim to provide a long sought after creative hub for local studios and pen loving people, the Pen Store has become the place to gather and share ideas of sketching, drawing and writing, using the best materials on the market. ”We really hope our store can be a living space for people that like pens as much as we do,” says Pen Store.


Inspired by their own studio work practice of drawing new designs, Form Us With Love wanted to invite more people from different creative disciplines to interact with the wide ranging assortment at the new store. We would like to change the perspective and show what you actually can do with Pen Store’s great products rather then just show the pens,” says Form Us With Love.


The Pen Store experience was materialized by international renowned artist such as Lovisa Bur tt, Rasmus Wingård, Amelie Hegardt, Moley Talhaoui and Clara Aldén who took part in the first experimental exhibition, using their favourite materials from the store. ”We asked our favorite artists, illustrators and designers to pick there favorite pen and interact with the space, the outcome was amazing,” says Form Us With Love.

Centered around the supplier-studio relation, interacting with the users of fountain pens, markers, mechanical pencils and brush-tips, the Pen Store comes to life, as the number one supplier for the creatives of the world. The posterns generated will be produced by Paper Collective and 15% will be donated to save the rainforest.

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all images © JONAS LINDSTRÖM