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Perk Up Your TV-Viewing Experiences with these 7 Home Theater Components

Perk Up Your TV-Viewing Experiences with these 7 Home Theater Components


If you are an avid TV viewer and a movie buff, quality entertainment has to be your first priority. We all are still learning to survive amid the current COVID-19 pandemic. Remaining sane was a constant struggle when we were supposed to remain stuck in the house 24/7 and all the cinemas and theatres were shut down (and still are). Let’s be honest, we haven’t watched as much TV as we have watched during this quarantine and isolation.

I hail from a family of entertainment lovers and when COVID hit, we knew we had to upgrade our entertainment amenities at home. So, first things first, we invested in a Fire Stick. And we are still very happy with every penny spent on it for the tons of entertainment options it offers. Secondly, we managed to download the Smart IPTV APK since we have an Android TV. Both these entertainment services turned out to be incredible.

The next step was to ensure an outstanding viewing as well as listening experience for our indulgences. Therefore, we decided to invest in a home theatre. You don’t have to buy just everything. Instead, you can pick and choose the essential components for an optimized viewing experience. 

7 Essentials Components of a Home Theatre

You may think that “home theatre” sounds like a pretentious and costly investment. But that’s not the case. You can keep it as humble as you like. You can even have a 32-inch LED TV, a Fire Stick, and a soundbar. And you are good to go!

However, if you really have some spare budget to satisfy your tech-savvy side, you should go for a high-end home theatre. Based on your budget and preferences, there are a plethora of dynamic and brilliant options. Setting up a home theatre sounds like a daunting task. Let’s help you set up a typical viewing room with these main components. 

  1. The Display Device.
  2. The Receiver.
  3. The Speakers.
  4. The Surge Protectors.
  5. Source Components.
  6. The Component Rack.
  7. Remote Control.

We will talk about each one of them in essential detail. 

The Display Device

Confused? No wonder! The market is literally flooded with OLEDs, LCDs, and 4K Ultra HDTVs. You can pick any of those considering the specifications and price tags. Also, if you like to add a bit of drama, you can also go with a video projector and a screen. Because in the end, it is all about your personal preference!

Make sure you consider the room that you have chosen for your home theatre setup while you are picking the display device. The size of the room should be adequate to adjust the screen and reckon the distance of viewers from the screen too. This leads you to pick from a variety of impressive technologies. So, it is again about your preferences. For instance, if you are a movie buff, investing in a 4K TV would be a good idea. In case of budget constraints, settling for a 1080p LCD will also suffice. 

About the size, know that the larger is not always the better. For optimal enjoyment, you have to consider the size of the room, the furniture positioned there, and the viewing distance. The larger the screen, the more the viewing distance will be.

Paying a visit to a TV showroom and exploring your options would be a good idea!

 Perk Up Your TV-Viewing Experiences with these 7 Home Theater Components

The Receiver

Then comes the receiver. It is the central hub of your home theatre system. It connects to all the following:

  • Speakers.
  • The display device.
  • Video input.

Generally, most of the receivers come with their own speakers. But if they don’t, they come with inputs and you connect any speakers with them. However, the ideal receivers are those which also function as amplifiers. You are always at the liberty to invest in separate amplifiers, preamps, and other relevant stuff. However, for most users, an all-in-one unit would suffice. 

The Speakers

If anything is as important as the video, it has to be the audio! It wouldn’t be wrong to say that audio is half of the fun of setting up a home theatre system. So, we would suggest investing in high-end speakers. Firstly, because it would be a one-time investment. And secondly, good quality speakers would increase the immersion factor.

Why is it important? Because if you really want to indulge in the movie you’re watching or be lost in the intensity of the video game you are playing, then good quality speakers are a must!

Lastly, high-end speakers typically constitute two front and two back speakers, a center speaker, and a subwoofer. Do try different placements of all these speakers around the room for optimal sound quality. 

The Surge Protectors

We would agree that all the magic of the home theatre happens when electricity is supplied to it. However, the same electricity can also become your worst nightmare! We all are aware of the destruction that electrical surges cause! So much so that even if you have the latest technology and the most cutting-edge electronics, those surges can still render them malfunctioned and useless. 

Therefore, investing in surge protectors is a must! They will not only protect your expensive home theatre system from voltage spikes, but they will also protect all other sensitive electronics in the house. 

Source Components

Investing in a Blu-ray player means you will get the highest quality video source. For the content unavailable on your Blu-ray, use a cable box, or satellite TV connection. To stream your favorite content on streaming services like Netflix, Vudu, Hulu, and others, go for Roku, Fire Stick, or a separate set-top box. 

The Component Rack

It is not only for aesthetic appeal. A home theatre has to have a dedicated location for all its parts and equipment. The component can be of your choice. You can go for a media rack, a closet, an exposed (but safe) shelf, or a nice A/V rack. 

Remote Control

Lastly, remote control is a must. Since all the aforementioned components need to be operated using a remote control, a universal remote would be the best and all-in-one solution. It is your most convenient option because it will replace four or five different remotes designated for each component. Think of it as a single “wand”. 

It’s time to indulge in the entertainment!