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Pet Owners Cheat Sheet

Pet Owners Cheat Sheet

Have an indoor dog? Has your furniture survived the scratches and the hairs? As much as dog owners choose their furniture with their dogs in mind, it’s important to consider the material as well.

Some fabrics will not be affected by the presence of a dog in the house. Here are some of them:


Whether you have a dog or a cat, their fur will not stick on leather. It can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth or a vacuum cleaner. That said, leather can easily get scratched. Cats are more responsible for these scratches if they have long nails. Trim them often.

After sometime leather discolors at the spot your pet loves. If you still want your leather to remain spotless, then discourage your pet from lying there. Though you can use a blanket to protect the area.


This material does not get scratched easily. Any hair or fur can easily be removed by using a brush or wiping it with your hands. If it has any stains, then water and soap would be ideal.


Though being a rough material, its durability and easy to clean feature makes it a perfect material for use outside the living room. Having it in the sunrooms, comfortable family room, and cottages is an excellent decision. For any stains, a paste of baking soda or mild soap and water.



This is one of the best options if you have to consider the material as well. It is made of cotton and it’s durable. When it gets dirty, it can be machine washed. Compared to getting a new couch, the canvas is a much better option.

Fabric for outdoor furniture

There are fabrics used for outdoor furniture that can be treated to be odor and stain-resistant. They are then able to keep away bacteria making it safe to share your couch with your pet. You have the option of either getting outdoor furniture and bring it into the house or make slipcovers with the fabric.

Generally, look for fabrics that are woven tightly so that your pet’s claws do not get stuck. Fabrics with darker colors can easily hide dirt until you clean up.

As much as there are suitable fabrics for furniture while keeping pets, there are also a number of them which should be avoided. 

These include:

  • Any fabric with an open weave. Not only will your pet’s claws get stuck, the dirt getting in between the fabric can have a foul smell over time
  • It’s not easy having to call professional services every time your pet messes your silk and velvet furniture. These two fabrics attract fur like magnets.
  • You may be attracted to the smooth feel of suede. However, it’s very hard to clean a mess on suede. Although there is the option of putting a protective cover, going for an easier to clean fabric is far much better.

Preparing your home and furniture for a new pet? You may need to consider the material as well. Denim, Canvas, Microfiber, and leather would be perfect options if a change is needed.