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Places to Visit in Spain

Places to Visit in Spain

There are few countries in the world quite as unique as Spain. The country hosts an array of cultural experiences as well as a wonderful selection of cuisines. It is undoubtedly a must-see for any travellers who are looking to see all of the best parts of Europe. The friendly locals and the weather are just some of the great pull factors that can be found across the entirety of Spain.

Each region in Spain differs greatly. It would be silly to think that if you’ve been to Spain once, you’ve seen it all. No two Spanish cities are alike, and often boast completely different features. This can make it very difficult for travellers to decide on where they are going in Spain. But what are some of the best options?

 Places to Visit in Spain

Costa del Sol 

One of the most desirable holiday destinations in the world, Costa del Sol is a huge hit with tourists. The location is perfect for those who love to enjoy the sun and sea. The average summer temperature in this southern part of Spain is 28 degrees, meaning you’ll need plenty of sun screen on your trip. Whether it’s a romantic getaway or family fun, there is plenty to do in this region of Spain. From historic locations to fantastic waterparks, there is really an endless amount of fun in the Costa del Sol. If you are really taken by the area, you may even like to consider looking at properties in the area. If so, BRIGHT offers a great selection of properties in Costa del Sol. 


If culture and cuisine is more what you are after on your Spanish trip, you may want to head north to Barcelona. Even walking down the most narrow streets in the city you’ll find your breath taken away by beautiful architecture. Not to mention such iconic pieces of architecture like La Sagrada Familia. The history of Barcelona is extremely rich, and you can begin diving into it by visiting some of the city’s fantastic museums. Whether it’s art, history, or sport you are after, there’s an exhibition for it.

 Places to Visit in Spain


The Spanish capital really has a great variety of pull factors for travellers. First of all, it is one of the most lively Spanish cities in terms of its nightlife. For anyone looking to have a good time into the early hours of the Spanish morning, Madrid is a must-visit destination. However, Madrid is much more than a party town. With great museums, parks, and shopping opportunities, it is hard to be bored in Madrid. 


Another Spanish city located in the south that is must-see is Seville. The city is still rich in Roman influence, which leads to stunning walks through the city’s main streets. The cultural impact you will get visiting Seville is second to none as you get a true taste of Spain. Enjoy some tapas as you enjoy some beautiful traditional Flamenco dancing in the historic city.