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Planning on Building an Extension? Consider Building a Garage

Garage extension

Whether you’re looking to make your home more convenient and comfortable, create some extra space or boost property value, building an extension is a great way of reaching your goals. The most common extension works carried out in the UK include kitchen extensions, single-storey or rear home extensions and cellar or basement conversions, however if you’re carrying out renovation works in the home to raise value, a garage extension could be the perfect choice. Let’s take a closer look at why building or extending your garage could help you to save money and boost resale value in the future:  

The benefits of a garage

While the financial benefits of extending your garage in the future climate of EVs are obvious, there are plenty of reasons why getting a garage extension is beneficial today. Because garages provide added accessibility and convenience, protection from the elements and extra security, many potential buyers will undoubtedly see a garage extension as an attractive element and potential dealbreaker. While garages are essential for boosting curb appeal and property value, it’s worth noting that they can attract more thieves looking for valuable cars including EVs, which are generally more expensive to purchase than petrol or diesel vehicles. Consider investing in car GAP insurance to reduce monetary loss in the case of loss, damage or theft. 

 Extension of a house used as a garage

What happens to EV’s under cold temperatures?

As part of the UK government’s electric vehicle infrastructure strategy, the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles is to be banned by 2030, with all new cars expected to be fully zero emission by the year 2035. While this is certainly notable in terms of reducing carbon emissions and eliminating consumer reliance on expensive fuel, it also has potential implications for homeowners with garages; EVs have been proven to decline in efficiency in cold temperatures, with battery performance compromised when charging outdoors. This means that, by 2030, having a garage or sheltered parking space in your home will no longer be a luxury to aid convenience, but rather a necessity for the proper functioning of your vehicle. Homeowners thinking of extending their properties to get extra bang for their buck when re-selling should seriously consider working on their garage for long-term benefits.  

How will this affect the future value of a home?

By focusing on the impending EV switch by incorporating charging points and EV-friendly features into your garage extension, you could significantly increase the value of your property almost overnight. Remember that garages are an important part of curbside appeal, so try to go with a functional and stylish design that compliments your home and the immediate locale if you want to get the most bang for your buck when re-selling.