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Pó House by Ricardo Silva Carvalho Arquitectos, Portugal

FG+SG – Fotografia de Arquitectura

Located on the West Coast of Portugal in an agricultural area relatively close to the ocean, local architecture firm Ricardo Silva Carvalho Arquitectos designed this minimalistic and sophisticated private residence with a spectacular elliptical skylight.


The entrance of the house is characterised by a succession of spaces that mysteriously appear between volumes that never touch its limits and unravel through the continuity of the roof which progressively grows in scale with the nobility of the human coexistence spaces, until it reaches the rooms that are divided in height revealing a small mezzanine that “proudly” overlooks all the areas of the house.


In the entrance area, with more frequent use, there is a “meal” area supported by a food preparation counter in a technical cabinet that opens on the sides. One of these sides contains a common sanitary installation and the other a technical storage space that divides this area from the living room.


The living room area extends outwardly through its large glassed windows that progressively illuminate and expand from the entrance thereby illuminating and amplifying the relationship with the exterior. This area is bounded by a second cabinet facing it therefore concealing the most private area of the residence, the rooms.


This second cabinet contains on one side a bathroom to support the sleeping areas and on the other a staircase where you can access the mezzanine above the rooms which are ideally conceived with lower ceilings.

Across the entrance patio there is a parking space and a covered support structure to outer activities.

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