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PocketSprite, The World’s Smallest Portable Game Console Emulator

PocketSprite, The World's Smallest Portable Game Console Emulator


PocketSprite is the world’s smallest game console emulator. Ultraportable and ultraplayable, it is instant access to gaming classics, emulating Gameboy Color, Gameboy Classic, Master System and Game Gear and other platforms.

It’s been engineered to be highly playable, easy to use, easy to update, with pick-up-where-you-left- off functionality. More than a gimmick – each device is a high-quality, hand-assembled, precision-engineered device providing a full featured emulation platform that fits on your keyring.

 PocketSprite, The World's Smallest Portable Game Console Emulator

The PocketSprite features an OLED screen, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, a rechargeable battery, and a built-in speaker. It’s powered off a dual-core, 240 MHz ESP32 chip and 520 KB of RAM. All of those make this vastly more powerful than the original Game Boy, with its 4.19 MHz processor and 16 KB of memory.

The PocketSprite is even capable of creating its own Wi-Fi hotspot, to add in new apps with one click. For kit nerds and aspiring hackers, the PocketSprite is available in pre-assembled or assembly required versions.

 PocketSprite, The World's Smallest Portable Game Console Emulator

The company was founded in late 2016, after Jeroen Domburg, aka. Sprite_tm built the device as proof-of-concept. This miniscule device captured the hearts of many people, and also netted him a Guinness World Record.

The PocketSprite is looking for funding over at crowdfunding site Crowd Supply.


all images and video courtesy of PocketSprite