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Prevent Any Surprises! Prepare Yourself For Home Inspection In These Ways

Finally, you’ve managed to establish an enticing deal to sell your house. What’s next? The buyer wants to carry out a home inspection. You think you’re totally prepped up for it, don’t you? Well, according to us, you’re not ready until you’ve ensured the following things.

The last thing any seller needs from a home inspector is to break a fixture or cause any other sort of damage because the seller was ill-prepared. So, to save yourselves from any sort of inconvenience or trouble, it is better to conduct a proper analysis of your soon to be sold home and be thoroughly prepared for the pre purchase home inspection. Ensure the things mentioned below and we guarantee this will be all!

Clean the house

As simple as it may sound, yet home-owners tend to overlook this tactic. They often forget that people are impressed by clean-looking, beautiful homes be it even a home inspector. Let your house cleanliness make a good first impression. And, this will then definitely convey the message that the house is maintained and well taken care of.

Get ready on time, rather before it

All those awaiting the arrival of a home inspector must ready the house on time, rather than half an hour before it. Because of the sole reason that the inspector is likely to turn up before the scheduled time and get started with examining the exteriors. Most unprepared sellers have been surprised by strangers stomping in their backyards. And surely, you don’t want to be one of them! So, leave the shades and drapes drawn until you’re dressed and make sure to be before time.

Leave the utilities connected

As part of a reliable home inspection, the inspector will have to turn on the stove, run the dishwasher, test the furnace and air conditioning among other utilities. So, leave them on even if the house is vacant. It’s difficult and almost impossible to check receptacles for grounding and reverse polarity if the power is turned off. In case you don’t, the home inspector will have to reschedule the inspection which will not only be time-consuming but will also delay the closing of your deal.

 Prevent Any Surprises! Prepare Yourself For Home Inspection In These Ways

Provide working space wherever required

It is a common idea that the home inspector will need a working space of around three to four feet at least for examining furnaces, water heaters, and other such elements. So, make it a point to remove any storage boxes, furniture, bookcases, and other such things to ensure ease of inspection. They often won’t move anything themselves and might suggest a specialist to the buyer which will further cause delay in your transaction.

Light the pilot lights

It’s important to keep your pilot lights ignited as they are essential while inspecting items like water heaters, gas stoves, and furnaces. The inspector is not obligated to light them himself hence, might skip inspecting these. The buyer would probably delay closing the deal in this case again.

Provide access to attic and garage

Keep the path to your attic and garage cleared as these will also be inspected. Check for water in the basement and move any boxes or stored items from the wall by two feet. Vacuum spider webs and clear rodent droppings, if any. If you want to have more preventive measures in making the home free from spiders and pests, opt for spider control in Barrie services.

Make all repair documents available

Your home inspector will probably want to have a look at the invoices and documents regarding any remodelling projects or new items such as a roof or furnace. If you’ve repaired leaky faucet, installed a new dishwasher, or any anything similar find the paperwork to it. It will give the buyer peace of mind to know these items were reinspected.

Final Word

We hope that these points were helpful to you. You won’t be welcomed with any surprises if you abide by these.

In addition, also be ready to leave your place for around 3 hours as usually the home inspector is accompanied with the buyer. He/She might not be comfortable to confront things in front of the owner. Hence, it is not a good idea to stay. Happy preparing!