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Primary lighting installation by Flynn Talbot


Australian lighting specialist Flynn Talbot created this RGB lighting installation called ‘Primary’, that was recently shown at PSAS in Perth, Australia.

Primary explores the projection of primary colour across a fragmented, triangular landscape. Red, blue and green spotlights were used to cast light onto the panel’s protruding polygons, creating a 10-minute-long sequence of moving and overlapping colours across its surface.


“Visitors to the exhibition were presented with a long view of the piece, most thinking it was simply a 2D projection on the wall,” Talbot said. “On a closer look the three-dimensionality of the work became apparent and the depth of the polygons could be seen.”


“A completely dark space with light radiating off the piece and a subtle soundscape created a very deliberate mood,” Talbot said. “People walked in talking but the gallery was quickly very quiet.”

4-primary-lighting-installation-by-flynn-talbot 5-primary-lighting-installation-by-flynn-talbot

H/t dezeen