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Prism Glass Cabinet by Tokujin Yoshioka for Glas Italia


Japanese artist and designer Tokujin Yoshioka will show the Prism Glass Cabinet for Glas Italia in Milan next month at Salone del Mobile. Prism Glass Cabinet is created from thick high-transparency glass. With the cut technique on glass surface, it gives off clear sparkling like a prism. “This object will show an appearance as if it is a sculpture veiled with the glitters in a space and create mysterious expression with the refraction of light” says Yoshioka. The Prism Glass Cabinet will be shown along side the new Prism Glass Bench during the 2015 Milan Design Week.

 2-prism-glass-cabinet-by-tokujin-yoshioka-for-glas-italia 3-prism-glass-cabinet-by-tokujin-yoshioka-for-glas-italia 4-prism-glass-cabinet-by-tokujin-yoshioka-for-glas-italia 5-prism-glass-cabinet-by-tokujin-yoshioka-for-glas-italia 6-prism-glass-cabinet-by-tokujin-yoshioka-for-glas-italia

all images courtesy of GLAS ITALIA