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QTZ Seating Collection by Alexander Lotersztain


This limited edition collection of seating elements designed by Alexander Lotersztain of multi-disciplinary design studio Derlot reflects the prismatic beauty and semi-precious qualities of quartz. The Limited concept was born of Alexander Lotersztain’s passion for materials, technologies and craftsmanship. The QTZ Collection serves as an experiment to study the boundaries of aesthetics and functional innovation.

Each QTZ element is available in a range of finishes and is manufactured in stainless steel using advanced technologies and craftsmanship to insure they meet the highest standards. The QTZ Seating Collection will be launched at 2015 Milan Design Week next week at Ventura Lambrate.

 2-qtz-seating-collection-by-alexander-lotersztain 3-qtz-seating-collection-by-alexander-lotersztain5-qtz-seating-collection-by-alexander-lotersztain4-qtz-seating-collection-by-alexander-lotersztain 6-qtz-seating-collection-by-alexander-lotersztain 7-qtz-seating-collection-by-alexander-lotersztain 8-qtz-seating-collection-by-alexander-lotersztain 9-qtz-seating-collection-by-alexander-lotersztain 10-qtz-seating-collection-by-alexander-lotersztain

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