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Real-Time Online Courses in Interior and Landscape Design at Home Design Institute

Real-Time Online Courses in Interior and Landscape Design at Home Design Institute

There is no doubt that the most effective online education is the synchronous (real-time) one. Home Design Institute (HDI) offers a variety of short- and long-term online courses whose main focus is Interior and Landscape Design. All their courses are real-time courses that are held in virtual classrooms with live lecturer via ZOOM. 

The Benefits of Synchronous Online Education

HDI real-time online classes entirely resemble in-person classes with the difference that the students have the advantage to study entirely from the comfort of their own home. Thus, students can participate in real-time discussions, they can ask questions and get explanations just like in real-time in-person classes. They constantly get advices on their work from their instructor. Even if some students are absent, they can very easily catch up with the missed study material, because there are video recordings of the lectures that are shared online on the HDI website after each class. These are only some of the reasons for which online learning is getting more and more attractive among students from different ages today.

Practically Focused Online Courses

All courses at the Institute of Interior Design are practically focused. They are inspired by the idea of learning through making. Accordingly, their main goal is to develop students’ practical skills. During the courses, the students work on a variety of practical tasks and projects using different specialized software programs. 

Free Online Courses

In addition to all courses, HDI regularly offers some free real-time online courses that introduce the students into the artistic world of Interior and Landscape design. Currently, two free online courses are running: The “Free interior design course” and “Landscape Design for Beginners”. These courses provide an excellent opportunity for the students to gain both theoretical and practical knowledge which they can use even at their home. Others could just check whether interior and landscape design are their fields of study. Those students who want to extend their knowledge can join some of the professional online courses at HDI.

 Real-Time Online Courses in Interior and Landscape Design at Home Design Institute

Professional Online Courses

The professional courses at HDI are with the duration of 10 months. Their aim is to teach the students how to successfully apply their theoretical knowledge in practice. Students work on different practical task during the whole course. They also gain deep knowledge in different software programs, such as AutoCad, SketchUp, 3DS Max, etc. and develop their art, freelance and digital skills. During the courses they work on specific practical project and develop their first professional portfolio. All the professional courses end with a defense of a final project which meet the industry requirements. HDI aim is to turn students form beginners into real specialists. All HDI lecturers are established industry professionals.

Convenient Time for All

HDI completely realize that we live in times when people must combine working or other engagements with studies. This is why they organize their classes primarily in the evening or in the weekends. In this way, almost everyone can join the online classes. Even if some students miss classes for one reason or another, they can watch the shared video recordings of the lecturers later. The instructors share their presentations after each lecture as well. 

Certificates of Completion

The successfully completed students receive a recognizable online certificate of completion, issued by Home Design Institute, which they can download and share on different professional online platforms or on their personal website.

Award Certificate

HDI has built a credit system that provides their students with the wonderful opportunity to earn an additional certificate as well. Each course gives them a specific number of credits for artistic, digital, or freelance skills. The most outstanding students who have collected all the required minimum credits for one of the mentioned skills can earn a recognizable online Award Certificate issued by HDI. 

Those of you who want to dive into the world of Interior and Landscape Design can join some of the HDI online courses. Do not forget that students interact with each other and receive instant feedback on their work by the instructor entirely online attending a real-time virtual classroom via ZOOM. Check the HDI online interior and landscape design courses and save your spot by enrolling now.