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Reflected Roof by Akane Moriyama + Jasper Carlsen


As part of Techne,n.: A Convergence between Art, Craftsmanship and Architecture exhibition at Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art in Copenhagen Akane Moriyama has teamed up with Jasper Carlsen to realized Reflected Roof.

A series of fans gently shape the textile into a sequence of changing forms that although programmed will never exactly repeat. The daylight, cast from above, falls onto and through the fabric and as it’s angle changes throughout the day creates ever changes in colour, shadow and reflection.

Reflected Roof will be shown until 3rd of August 2014 at Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art in Copenhagen.

2-reflected-roof-by-akane-moriyama-jasper-carlsen 3-reflected-roof-by-akane-moriyama-jasper-carlsen 4-reflected-roof-by-akane-moriyama-jasper-carlsen 5-reflected-roof-by-akane-moriyama-jasper-carlsen 7-reflected-roof-by-akane-moriyama-jasper-carlsen 8-reflected-roof-by-akane-moriyama-jasper-carlsen 9-reflected-roof-by-akane-moriyama-jasper-carlsen

all images © LIOR ZILBERSTEIN – courtesy of DEN FRIE | H/t domus