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Repairing Sash Windows: Cost and Benefits

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Is the cost of repairing sash windows worth it when compared to replacing them with modern PVC windows?

In this article, we explore sash window repair and the cost and benefits of repairing old sash windows rather than replacing them.

Can sash windows be repaired?

Yes, every sash window in a home can be repaired, and this is a route that every homeowner with period sash windows should consider before replacement. Replacement windows will almost always be uPVC today, and this can dramatically change the appearance of your home and may even affect your property’s value. 

Traditional sash windows offer charm and beauty to a property that is very difficult to achieve with any modern examples. If you have a period property with Victorian sash windows or older, keeping the original windows in the property should be a top priority for you.

Here are just some of the benefits of repairing period sash windows rather than replacing them. 

The benefits of repairing sash windows

Keeping the charm of your property 

Replacement sash windows can dramatically change the look of your period home from the inside and outside. Our goal with all of our sash window restoration work is to preserve the look of your home while bringing window technology into the 21st century.

Improving your energy bills 

By repairing your wooden windows and adding in the latest window technology, like draught-proofing and ultra-thin double glazing, you will notice a change in your energy bills. In fact, if your sash windows are particularly draughty at the moment, you’ll likely even feel the difference. 

Peace of mind 

If your sash windows do not close correctly at the moment, or you are worried about security due to your wooden windows, our repairs can ensure they are as secure as the day they were fitted. We also repair French doors and a great deal more. So your home will be more secure than ever. 


As we are working with the existing wooden window frames and original timbers of your windows, the costs of repairing the windows are often far cheaper than replacing them. Despite us adding brand-new draught-proofing and even double glazing into your existing windows, the cost of repairs is still far cheaper than buying and fitting modern windows. 

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Is it cheaper to repair or replace sash windows?

In most cases, it is often much cheaper to repair wooden windows than it is to replace them. This is because we work with what is there already. So, we repair any rotten wood in the casements and window frames and then add in the new draught-proofing and new double glazing if required. 

Modern windows, however, require all of the wooden windows features to be ripped out so that replacement, uPVC parts, can be installed. This adds to the costs quite considerably.

Wooden windows can be integral parts of the structure of your home, so additional work may be required to provide this structure when fitting modern replacement windows, again adding to the costs. However, we use traditional methods and the latest window technology to repair the windows you have and bring them into the 21st century. 

Are old windows worth repairing?

Original sash windows are always worth repairing rather than replacing. With the advanced window technology that we use, your period timber windows will look exactly the same but have modern energy efficiency and all the great benefits this provides your home. 

Whether your windows have rotten wood around the frames or the sash cords are broken, repairing them is a viable option in almost every case. We can repair all rotten timber in the window frame, install modern draught-proofing and even add thin double glazing that is just as effective as triple glazing in modern uPVC windows.

We can do all of this and not change the appearance of your home at all. Your windows will look and perform as they always have. They will provide the same charming style to your home as they always have, meaning your property value won’t change. However, inside your sash or casement windows, there will be 21st-century window technology protecting your home from temperature changes and noise. 

How long should sash windows last?

Historic windows need to be looked after. They require a coat of paint every ten years or so and regular maintenance to keep them looking and functioning perfectly over the years. With regular maintenance, though, original box sash windows or casement windows will last for centuries. There are examples of timber sash windows from 400-500 years old still going strong in the UK with minor repairs and repainting. 

The cost of repairing sash windows 

Our prices for repairing sash windows start from just £450 per window for a Victorian sash window and £620 for Georgian windows. These services include repairs to all timber elements of the windows and a protective paint layer that will keep your windows looking great for years to come. 

To find out more about our bespoke timber sash window restoration services or for a free quote, get in touch today.