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Restaurant Frantzén in Gamla Stan, Stockholm

In collaboration with Studio Feuer, Arkitema Architects has designed the Restaurant Frantzén in Gamla Stan, Stockholm. The decor is — like the food — inspired by both Swedish simplicity and advanced Japanese gastronomy. Restaurant Frantzén is one of the most acknowledged restaurants in Sweden with two Michelin stars and is furthermore ranked as no. 23 restaurant of the world.

The goal of the decor is for the cooking to be the pivotal focus point, and to ensure a functional restaurant with an intense atmosphere. Therefore, the kitchen opens up to the guests. From every seat in the entire room, there is a visual connection to the kitchen – the stage of the restaurant and the main focus. Thus the decor improves the culinary experience and include the guests in the work of the chefs.


The basic idea of the design is to combine Japanese consciousness to materials and sophistication with Swedish simplicity. The materials are thus made ​​from subtle shades in limestone, pinewood, linen and leather.

“We have worked with local and traditional materials with great attention to every detail. The decor shall enhance the food – not the decor itself,” says Ida Wanler, interior designer and creative director at Arkitema Architects in Stockholm.


The floor is covered with a rustic sisal-carpet, the walls in the kitchen and in the toilets have glazed tiles while the weather porches, the wardrobe and reception is designed with simple pine furniture. At the same time the lighting creates an intimate atmosphere.

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