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Review of Comparium

Review of Comparium

I am a software and a website developer. It’s my job to always make a perfect website for my clients. And there are constant edits that are demanded on my end. More than that, the website’s responsiveness is always a matter when it comes to checking the same websites across multiple platforms. That is why I have recently come across Comparium, the app-based website, which has saved a lot of time from my end in making the perfect specimen of the website my clients keep demanding.

Thus, to all the software developers and the expert or even the beginner website makers, I am writing this genuine review about Comparium so that it can even help you all out there. It has multiple features that you would love to try at least once in your software development and website making career. It surely already has helped multiple beginners like me in the market.

And I am hoping for the purpose of cross-checking and cross-testing the browsers, this site might be able to help you too. So, without wasting a single minute of your precious Fintech times, let’s dive into why Comparium is becoming so important to many of the netizens out there:

  1. It offers free help with no demands and no registration process

A website or a tool that helps you without asking to register and pay in advance sounds too good to be true. But that is not at all the case here. Of course, initially, I was dubious about this feature too. Though, there was no harm in trying, right? So, I did try once, twice, and then repeated the trials.

 Review of Comparium

I was waiting somewhere down the line that it would ask me for money or subscription one day. But that day never came, and I kept on testing the websites that I was making along the way. Eventually, the thought of paying a single penny or even registering the account even skipped my mind.

  1. It is seriously very easy to operate

Not every tool is easy. But that was not the case with this one. It has a very easy point and click system. I just had to put in the tested URL for the website, and then I began selecting the operating systems, and the screens I wanted the screenshot of.

These screenshots were really helpful as they loaded simply in a minute and that for the multiple platforms. I could even connect with my clients on a personal level so promptly that many of them were happy with my speedy and accurate job.

  1. It helps me store all the screens in one place

Now, again, I didn’t need to keep on clicking the screenshot of the website for various devices and screens. I had them all stored in one place. This helped me get done with the job of writing the best codes possible that promoted the best user interface experience as well as the cent percent responsiveness of every website I took as the new project.

In fact, now, no screenshot is misplaced from my end. If I lose the URL, within a minute, I can get all the screens once again by just a point and click process. 

  1. I can share the URL with anyone

My clients always want to know about website status. I cannot always tell them the codes which they do not understand. It would take a lot of time from me to explain to them the jargon they didn’t even study. But with Comparium, life has been a lot easier. 

Now, I can simply share the screenshot URL with my clients. They can know how each website is looking throughout the multiple screens. And they themselves can select the screen they want to check while I am busy updating and writing the codes for better user experience and interface. So, Comparium has been really good support in that matter for me as a website maker.

  1. It gives me a lot of options if I talk about the operating systems

Website responsiveness is the key while you are using Comparium. It makes sure that your website is being tested, and then the same proof is given to you in the form of a screenshot or screen across multiple operating systems, which you select.

 Review of Comparium

There is a reason for that, of course, because if you are not able to know how your website is looking through multiple operating systems, then you will not be able to write the websites for masses. With the Comparium, that issue is sorted. It gives you options like Windows, Microsoft, etc.

So, with these latest options, your website can be the best version of itself. Then, you can be assured that the website, whether you are making for yourself or for any client, will always end up working successfully across these many operating systems which are used across the entire internet world.

  1. You can delete the screens after testing the website

When you are using Comparium for the cross web-browsing testing processes, and you know that you have made the website quite responsive for the targeted set of screens or the mobile devices, then you can begin to delete those screenshots as well.

That is because it will help you declutter the entire Comparium screen and remove the proofs which are not useful as of now. However, you can always add them back on-time or on-demand from the client, or whenever there are new changes that are supposed to go live on the website for everyone.

  1. The screenshots keep updating as you update the website

Whenever you are using Comparium, you must also know that the screens keep on updating themselves as you go on about writing the website content. 

 Review of Comparium

This way, you would not have to refresh the entire URL again and again. Doing so, Comparium was successful in giving me as a website developer a sort of ease and made me stress-free. So, I could always easily switch back and forth to know if the codes I am writing for the website are being updated on the interface or not.