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Romain Jerome Subcraft


Romain Jerome has unveiled the brands new collaboration with famous watch designer Alain Silberstein introducing a new and innovative timepiece: The SubcraftInspired by “fluid design”, the Subcraft reflects the absence of ornamentation and brings out the harmony that is found between form and function. This aerodynamic timepiece is also a representation of shapes found in Nature, for example – the majestic dance of a Manta Ray. Devoid of any straight lines, this time giving sculpture allows this futuristic concept to come to life with an innovative and highly sophisticated mechanism.


The Subcrafts’ flawless aquatic dance is the result of a meticulously crafted Grade 5 titanium or black PVD-coated titanium case. Designed to minimize resistance to motion, the case houses an ingenious mechanical movement created for Romain Jerome by Agenhor. This highly sophisticated movement combines four different complications – lateral, linear, jumping and retrograde – and represents one of the most complicated indications of time ever made to date.


The hour display is read laterally, under a cambered glass, highlighting the curves of the case to perfection. The minute display has been placed on the lid of the watch, under a black sphere glass mirroring the fluid design of the Subcraft. The minute counter has been traced in white featuring sporty designed numerals. Finally, the crown has been tucked at the extremity of the case creating a protective shell over it.


Additionally, an all new black smooth calf cuff embraces the unique shape of the Subcraft inducing the comfort of the watch. The cuff has been designed with an opening under the watch’s case-back, allowing the wearer to see the “RJ X Alain Silberstein” signature and which limited timepiece he owns, out of the 99 available worldwide.


all images courtesy of ROMAIN JEROME