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Round Vs. Rectangular – Which Dining Table Should I Buy?

Round Vs. Rectangular – Which Dining Table Should I Buy?

When you are in the haunt of gorgeous dining tables, you are overwhelmed with numerous choices. From alluring rounds to enticing rectangular ones, it is often confusing which dining table to pick up to compliment your décor perfectly. 

For many people, it feels like a rectangle is the only shape available when shopping for one. Round dining tables are often considered less common and hence not as desirable to use in the modern home. This perception couldn’t be further from the truth; they’re just hard to come by! 

The advantages of a round dining table are significant compared to a rectangular one. Indeed you’ll find no shortage of reasons why you should choose a round dining table over a rectangle, so much so that we’ve dedicated this article to the point!

The Shape You Should Choose

The shape of the table depends on whether your preference emanates from what’s more aesthetically pleasing or what makes the most sense for the space and your lifestyle at home.

Decide on the factors such as seating arrangements, space-saving advantages or aesthetic preferences, etc., to help you make the right choice. When browsing through the dining table shapes, decide which points are most important to you and your family.

 Round Vs. Rectangular – Which Dining Table Should I Buy?

Aesthetics Vs. Practicality

Round dining tables don’t create an abrupt 90-degree elbow turn. Rectangular shapes tend to break up the flow of eye contact from one end of the table to another. It can be particularly distracting when dinner guests stay over and need to make eye contact with each person at the table.

The way a rectangular shape tends to break off abruptly can also be ideal for smaller dining rooms as it adds separation between different furniture pieces. It is often helpful for limited space.

Round tables are unquestionably more pleasing aesthetically. They create a much more seamless and fluid surface that flows around the room. This, in turn, enables space to be used more efficiently without feeling cramped. A rectangular table with its corners sticking into the room may make your arena a little congested. 

For intimate dinner gathering Vs. Formal dinner hosting

Round tables also mean that each seat at the table has an equal distance from every other seat along with the table. Rectangular tables can often mean that the corners of a rectangular shape are further away from where people generally sit.  

Rectangular shapes being larger than round ones can help to give it an even better use of space.

Accommodation For Dining

A round table is a way to go if you have a more significant number of dinner guests coming around.

For a rectangular shape, you’ll need to squeeze in at least one extra person per side of the table if you have more than 6 people coming around, which may not be possible depending on the size of your dining room.

On the other hand, a round table is flexible with a seating arrangement that can be used where people are positioned. Adding one more seat will not hamper its symmetry.