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Saltz Restaurant by Rolf Sachs, Zurich

Nico Schaerer

Swiss Artist Rolf Sachs presents a new design concept for the Dolder Grand Hotel’s new restaurant Saltz. Renowned for creating “emotionalized” works, Sachs draws much of his inspiration from his immediate environment. He moves freely between art and design and is known for surprising audiences – encouraging them to question preconceptions and view objects from a different perspective. For the interior of Saltz, Sachs used elements of the surrounding Swiss landscape and its cultural references as inspiration.

In the 280 sqm restaurant Sachs combines unusual materials such as neon lights, salt, rock and felt in an unexpected way to form artworks and custom made furniture paired with classic chair designs by Eero Saarinen and Jean Prouvé. Ranging from the more theatrical to the cosy, each area conveys a different ambience and character, inviting the diners to respond with their own thoughts and reactions.

 saltz-restaurant-by-rolf-sachs-zurich-©Nico-Schaerer-2 saltz-restaurant-by-rolf-sachs-zurich-©Nico-Schaerer-3 saltz-restaurant-by-rolf-sachs-zurich-©Nico-Schaerer-4 saltz-restaurant-by-rolf-sachs-zurich-©Nico-Schaerer-5 saltz-restaurant-by-rolf-sachs-zurich-©Nico-Schaerer-6 saltz-restaurant-by-rolf-sachs-zurich-©Nico-Schaerer-7 saltz-restaurant-by-rolf-sachs-zurich-©Nico-Schaerer-8 saltz-restaurant-by-rolf-sachs-zurich-©Nico-Schaerer-9 saltz-restaurant-by-rolf-sachs-zurich-©Nico-Schaerer-10

all images © Nico Schaerer