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Save Time and Money With These Home Automation Devices

Woman holding phone with running smart home application, controlling kitchen devices remotely

rh2010 from Adobe Stock

There are two things that most homeowners would likely say they want more of: time and money. With more time, you can do more of the things you love, and the same goes for having more money. You might not think investing in home automation devices can do anything other than making your home more intelligent, but there are potential monetary and time savings to be made with some of the following products. 

Lighting Control Systems

The benefits of home automation devices like lighting control systems might not become apparent until you purchase your dream home with multiple stories, several wings, or a generous floor plan. Each day, you might find yourself running from room to room, ensuring all lights are turned off for energy and money savings. However, by investing in a lighting control system, that might no longer be necessary. 

Home automation experts can install paneled lighting, which means you can control the lights in all rooms from one control panel. Not only can you save time by not having to walk around your house, but you might also enjoy a lower electric bill by not having lights running unnecessarily.

Heating and Cooling Systems

Americans spend a significant amount of their income on heating and cooling. While it’s a necessity for comfort, that doesn’t mean you have to pay as much as you currently are.  Even though programmable thermostats have been around for a while, we can now purchase home automation software that allows us to adjust our heating and cooling remotely. As a result, you don’t have to worry about accidentally leaving your heating and cooling systems running when you’re on vacation or being cold when you return home from work on a winter’s day. 

 Woman controlling home temperature with electronic thermostat mounted on the wall in living room at home

Motorized Shades

Curtains and shades are essential for comfort, warmth, privacy, and blocking out the light while you’re trying to sleep. However, depending on the style of your home, they can sometimes be impractical. Not only does it take a lot of time to walk around a large home and open and close all sets of drapes, but you might not even be able to reach some if they are installed on high windows. Motorized shades often solve that problem. At the touch of a button, you can operate all drapes in your home without having to manually close or open them yourself. 

Irrigation Systems

Irrigation systems can sometimes be necessary for some areas that don’t experience frequent rainfall. Rather than relying on the rain, you can run sprinklers when you want your lawns and gardens to always look at their best. 

However, it’s not always easy to remember to turn them off once the rain is on its way. You won’t need to worry about that if you purchase automated irrigators. Many of the most advanced products come with sensors, which means they’ll turn off and save your water when the rain starts to fall. Since most American families pay upwards of $70 per month for water, an intelligent irrigation system might be more worthwhile than you think. 

Home automation might seem like a bit of a gimmick to some people, but such technology has real-life value for many families. Any of these options above might be how you save a surprising amount of time and money.