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Set the Table: The urdesign Editorial Team Shows What Is Important When It Comes to Table Setting

Set the Table: The urdesign Editorial Team Shows What Is Important When It Comes to Table Setting

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With the onset of winter, the anticipation of extensive dinner evenings with friends or family increases. Regardless of whether it’s an autumn menu or a pre-Christmas get-together, an invitation to dinner needs to be planned, as well as the design of the table. At this time of year, when it is dark and cold outside, it can be a bit more chic inside, the table is set with attention to detail – with stylish decorations, fine crockery and sparkling glasses.

Elegant tableware inspired by the Roaring Twenties

A table only looks really solemn when the glasses are standing and the decoration and candlelight are reflected in the glass. It is no longer a secret that the eye is eating, and in addition to serving and garnishing food and drinks, setting the table is at least as much a part of a successful dinner as choosing the menu itself.

The urdesign editorial team has translated the glamorous era of the Golden Twenties into a festive table setting in just a few simple steps. The focus is on the finest glasses from simple to opulent. Because nothing brings this dazzling time to life like glasses with a special cut and unique design.

Festive focus: the laid table

1. Tablecloth and plate

Jewel colors are currently a big trend in tableware. A linen tablecloth in emerald green accentuates crockery and cutlery particularly well, complemented with matching cloth napkins.

In addition to the tablecloth, the selected plates serve as a central element of the color scheme. A large underplate, for example in gold, can serve as an island for the dinner plates, depending on the menu. In terms of shape and material, you can mix elegantly here: simple black ceramics complement each other wonderfully with marble or white plates with patterns.

2. Cutlery

The cutlery can also be varied, filigree silver cutlery is more classic, cutlery in shimmering gold or rose gold picks up on the motto particularly well and provides the necessary portion of glamor, especially during the Christmas season.

3. Glasses

The indispensable element of every table are the glasses. After all, drinks of all kinds are optimally staged and, at the latest, when toasting, the special feeling of coming together, of shared enjoyment and the solemnity of this moment spreads.

We toast. The sound of the glasses. The whisper of the voices. The sound of a place where people come together to share moments with each other.

For me, the sound of an evening is perfect when I float mentally and atmospherically on this sound like in a wonderful jazz moment.

 Set the Table: The urdesign Editorial Team Shows What Is Important When It Comes to Table Setting


The art of striking the right note

What star chef Tim Raue makes clear with the sensual description of a supposedly simple moment is that when choosing glasses, it is not just the design that counts, but above all the quality, because this ultimately sets the tone.

Drinking from fine glasses is an experience for all the senses – from the clear sound when toasting to the aromas that unfold while drinking. A company steeped in tradition that understands the important role the craftsmanship of glass blowing, the quality and acoustic essence that goes with it, is Zwiesel Glas. The traditional company from the Bavarian Forest has been combining glass craftsmanship, tradition and passion for 150 years.

Zwiesel Glas – tradition with attention to detail

Once founded as a small sheet glassworks, Zwiesel Glas has now grown into a leading international glass specialist. Be it an elegant, unusual cocktail bowl or water carafe, a wine glass or the tumbler for the after-dinner cocktail – all glasses bear an unmistakable signature.

Not only bowls, but also glasses are ideal for sweet desserts. Sorbets, layered desserts or ice cream with fruit can therefore also be served very easily in low glasses and thus fit wonderfully into the overall concept of the table.

The urdesign editorial team is serving a pomegranate gimlet in the video – the perfect drink for the coming winter season, best garnished with currants or a slice of lime.

4. Decoration

Finally, the table is adorned with the centerpiece, an opulent bouquet of flowers. The trend is primarily bordeaux and pink tones (for example fuchsia); Orchids, carnations, pincushions, or even flamingo flowers can be combined with one another in a particularly beautiful way.

There is only one thing left to say: “Set the table” and good luck with the table setting for the coming holiday season.