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Shifting to a New Neighborhood? Try These Moving Hacks

Shifting to a New Neighborhood? Try These Moving Hacks

When you decide to move, you look forward to living inside a new home and enjoy the immense it brings to you and your family. But, it can be an extremely stressful process as well. Moving to a new location is one of the most stressful ones you can experience in your lifetime. You have to find a house that you like, sell your old one, acquire packing supplies, and much more. The entire process can stretch for months if it involves buying a new home and selling your old one before moving. It is not only a stressful process, but it is an expensive one too.

After all, you are not in college anymore when you would stuff all your belongings in your backpack, asking your friend to drive you in their pickup truck. There are numerous things to plan, which can make it a hectic and overwhelming process. However, we are here to rescue you from the headache the moving process might give you. There are some best-practices you need to follow. You can find some of them listed down below. 

Hire The Best Moving Company

Nothing will be better than hiring professional moving services to help you with the moving process. They will take care of everything involved in the moving process from start to finish. They will ensure that your belongings remain safe in moving boxes and moving trucks, reaching their destination in undamaged condition. These moving companies offer you a variety of services. They range from cleaning your old home to setting up your furniture at your new one. It would help if you went with a moving company and services that fit your budget. Searching online will allow you to get estimates and then make a decision accordingly. Also, it is a wise practice to ask for quotations from multiple companies. It will ensure that the one you hire will give you the best bang for your buck.

Overload Yourself With Packing Supplies

You can get tons of packing supplies for less if you know about the right packing supply sellers. In the case of packing supplies, more is less. There will always be a packing supply that you forget to buy but might need to pack something securely. Moving experts suggest that you purchase packing supplies such as bubble wrap, masking tape, moving boxes, containers, and other packing essentials.

For example, if you want sturdy cardboard boxes to pack heavy items, go to your local liquor store. They have large cardboard boxes that they use to house liquor bottles. You can also ask your family or friends to help you out with finding the right ones. Who knows that they might have old moving boxes from their previous move? 

Pad All Your Moving Boxes

Use bulky clothing as a protective lining for cardboard boxes. It is especially the case for ones you will use to store plates, mugs, or glasses. Although, avoid using your favorite t-shirt or your three-piece suit. You can always use your sweatshirts or jeans as a lining.

Also, do not forget to use oven mitts, towels, pillowcases, bedsheet to wrap up all remaining fragile items. They will allow you to keep them secure while also providing you with a way to store two things in a space where you would only keep one.

 Shifting to a New Neighborhood? Try These Moving Hacks

Apply A Label On Everything You Wish To Move

Nobody likes surprises, especially when it is moving day. You would not want to run around the house, opening thirteen boxes to find your shower curtains. After all, you will be in dire need of a shower. Otherwise, you will end up single in your new home. Write down what the moving box contains on masking tape, and apply it to the respective moving box. 

Also, avoid mislabeling everything. Keep a present mind, and label as you go on packing one box at a time. It will be an unwelcoming surprise if you find your cutlery in the box labeled tools or cleaning supplies. To take your packing game to the next level, color code all the moving boxing and assign corresponding colors to the rooms these items were inside. It will ensure that you save time while you unpack and place items inside your rooms. 

Throw Away Stuff You Don’t Use Anymore

The more stuff you have to pack, the harder it will be to get your packing done on time. We know it will be difficult to throw away your family heirlooms, but wouldn’t it be better to get rid of things that are just collecting dust in the corners?  The more unnecessary items you will get rid of, it will mean that you will have one less thing to pack. And fewer things to unpack when you reach your new home. 

Of all the moving tips a professional like H2H move can give you, this is one that makes the top of the list. Decide on three things- selling, donating, or throwing useless items. The items you throw away will provide no use to anyone. But if you sell or donate them, somebody else can use them. And, you can earn some money while doing so. 

Avoid Spillage Of Liquids

It will turn into an uncleanable mess if a liquid spills inside one of your cardboard moving boxes. If you decide to take cleaning supplies along with you, they can spill. If they spill inside a moving box, they can burn a hole in these moving boxes. It is because some cleaning supplies contain acidic ingredients, and acid can burn cardboard with ease.

To prevent such spills from occurring, take the caps off from all liquid containers and apply a piece of plastic wrap on the opening. Once you do that, screw the lids back.


Even if you cannot wait to move to your new house, it is a well-known fact that the moving process sucks. It will be a massive pain if you do not know what to do. You will save cash and have a stress-free moving experience if you choose the moving hacks from this list. The details you do not plan for are the ones that can overcomplicate your move. Keep track of everything and pen down everything, and you will see that moving is not all horror stories and bad experiences.