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Shugaa dessert bar Bangkok by party / space / design

party / space / design

Inspired by the molecules and crystals that compose the desserts’s primary ingredient, the sugar, Thai practice party / space / design has designed this new dessert bar in Bangkok, Thailand. The crystalline atomic structure of sugar influenced the main idea of Shugaa outside the building. A large polygon installation catches passerby attention on the street, highlighting the Shugaa’s minimal wooden and mint green interior. Inside a sugar-like spiral staircase wrapped by a wood and acrylic structure leads customers to a secondary dining area above the bar counter.

Moving towards the back on the second floor, we find a third distinct area, the most private of the three. This back zone is a quiet place for enjoying a delicacy uninterrupted.

  shugaa-dessert-bar-bangkok-by-party-space-design-2 shugaa-dessert-bar-bangkok-by-party-space-design-3 shugaa-dessert-bar-bangkok-by-party-space-design-4 shugaa-dessert-bar-bangkok-by-party-space-design-5 shugaa-dessert-bar-bangkok-by-party-space-design-6 shugaa-dessert-bar-bangkok-by-party-space-design-7 shugaa-dessert-bar-bangkok-by-party-space-design-8 shugaa-dessert-bar-bangkok-by-party-space-design-9 shugaa-dessert-bar-bangkok-by-party-space-design-10 shugaa-dessert-bar-bangkok-by-party-space-design-11 shugaa-dessert-bar-bangkok-by-party-space-design-12 shugaa-dessert-bar-bangkok-by-party-space-design-13 shugaa-dessert-bar-bangkok-by-party-space-design-14 shugaa-dessert-bar-bangkok-by-party-space-design-15 shugaa-dessert-bar-bangkok-by-party-space-design-16 shugaa-dessert-bar-bangkok-by-party-space-design-17

all images courtesy of party / space / design