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Signs You Need a Shower Repair

Signs You Need a Shower Repair

Whether it’s a morning bath or you wish to wash off your busy day, a shower can always be refreshing. You might not consider it a cause for concern most of the time, but it’s when you realize something is not right with your bath that you think about your shower faucet. 

A broken shower can be an inconvenience for you and your family members. Thus, it makes perfect sense to call a plumber for occasional shower repair work. Leading specialists offer services for sophisticated showerheads, innovative faucet designs and many water-saving solutions. 

Here are a few prominent signs which indicate that your shower is close to its end and needs repair.

There Are Noticeable Leaks

It is very annoying to see water continuously leak from bathroom fixtures, and a shower faucet is no exception. Moreover, each drop of trickling water that goes into the drain adds up to your monthly bills. 

If your shower fittings have some loose bolts or are not correctly mounted, it can account for the leaks. An experienced plumber will check for such root causes while working on leaking shower fixtures, thus easing you off hefty bills and the guilt of wasting water.

Unexpected Water Temperature Fluctuations

While you enjoy a warm shower, if you find the water colder than your temperature settings, it’s a sign that your fittings have issues that need an immediate fix.

As the valves age, they do not maintain a constant hot water flow, particularly when you have another source also consuming the heated water. 

Such issues call for an immediate shower repair; you can check with a plumber for a high-tech solution to help you use your shower for warm baths for an extended lifetime.

Water Pressure Fluctuations

As your shower fixtures get older, they loosen up and dislodge; these can cause water pressure changes. 

With fluctuating water pressure, your showerhead might first throw bursts of water and then slowly stop having the ability to control the water pressure. When you notice your shower head spraying water at inconsistent pressures, call a professional for their water pressure fixes. If required, they will replace the components, ensuring you have a continuous water flow.

 Signs You Need a Shower Repair

Sediment Buildup

Typically, the water that reaches your home undergoes chemical treatment to make it safe to use. Also, water naturally contains significant amounts of minerals and other solid particles. 

These solid contents settle in your shower faucet and valves with time, leading to a sediment buildup. Chemicals like calcium and lime can cover your shower head and block the water flow. When you hire leading experts, they offer shower repair services, including low-flow showerhead and faucet checks.

Visible Mould Buildup

As bathrooms are usually wet, warm and humid, they set the perfect environment for fungal and bacterial growth, leading to mould development. 

Moulds can be dangerous; they cause health issues like allergies and breathing troubles. If you have visible green or black spongy growth on your shower, it is best to hire a plumber and get the fixture replaced.

It is difficult to remove mould; only an expert can help you limit the growth, so don’t try cleaning it yourself, as it might do more harm than resolving the issue.

An Uneven Water Spray

When you have an uneven water spray, water can go in all directions, which can be a nuisance. This issue is quite common if you live in areas receiving hard water. 

The spray can be uneven due to grime settlements and water pressure fluctuations, causing some parts of the showerheads more clogged than the rest. Though you can try soaking your showerhead for an hour in a vinegar-water mix and then running a heated shower for a few minutes, it is best to seek professional help. You can thus ensure water does wet your bathroom space unnecessarily.

Your Bathroom Fixtures Need an Upgrade

You could be renovating your bathroom or moving into a residence with the rest of the bathroom renovated, except the shower fittings. Typically, such older shower components are more prone to leaks, clogs and mould development, requiring a replacement with the latest models.

When you plan an upgrade, you can talk to an expert; they carry out shower retrofitting as part of their shower repair services. And when they replace the shower fittings, they ensure it matches the other upgrades, thus completing your overall bathroom theme. 

Final Thought

Nothing can be more rejuvenating than a pleasant shower at your desired temperature, water flow and pressure. If you wish for a great bath under your shower every single time, check for signs that indicate it needs a repair. Know the water type you receive at home, keep a tab on your budget and engage a professional for shower repair. You can thus ensure a healthy shower faucet you and your family can enjoy using for years together.