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Simple DIYs to Remove Scratches from Antique Mirrors

Simple DIYs to Remove Scratches from Antique Mirrors

Mirrors are exquisite décor element renowned for its unparalleled sheen and lustrous beauty. They play a substantial role in augmenting the splendor of the living space and their benefits exceed beyond the aesthetics. There are manifold types of decorative mirrors used in living spaces, and these mirrors hold great sentimental value to the homeowners. Such antique mirrors become the essence of living space and homeowners strives to maintain its original exquisiteness and daintiness. However, with matchless splendor comes delicacy, and these mirrors often get scratches that ruin their glossiness and shine.     

These scratches become a real problem for the homeowners and big scratches often turn into cracks causing permanent damage. So, it is important to take the required remedial measures and find an effective way to remove these stubborn scratches and scrapes from the mirror’s surface. There are numerous simple DIY ways to remove scratches from mirrors and homeowners striving for design excellence must use these little tricks to maintain the grandeur of their exquisite mirror. Following is a simple walkthrough and guide for homeowners in search of the perfect scratch-removal remedy.  

Tools and materials you will need

Removing smaller scratches from the mirrors’ surface with the aid of simple tools and materials present at home is highly possible. However, larger and more discrete scratches require the assistance of a professional and it is often best to consult a glass expert in such a case. The basic tools and materials needed for removing scratches depend on the scratch-removal technique used by the homeowner. Commonly, a traditional toothpaste, aluminum foil, scotch tape, hobby paint, nail polish, mustard & vinegar paste, or a jewelry-polishing substance is used for removing scratches and you certainly don’t need to have them all at once. 

Some techniques and scratch-removal remedies use simple toothpaste while others require the use of only aluminum foil and scotch tape. Keeping this in view, it is important to first identify which technique is best suited for removing scratches from your antique mirror glass and then work on arranging the required materials and tools.    

 Simple DIYs to Remove Scratches from Antique Mirrors

How to remove scratches from antique mirrors?

Homeowners can easily remove scratches from their mirrors with the use of the following popular home remedies and simple DIY techniques. These remedies work best for smaller scratches and help maintain the exquisite beauty of your cherished decorative mirror. Maintaining the unique splendor of the mirror, these scratch-removal techniques also help prolong its design life. 

1. Using a traditional toothpaste

Our traditional toothpaste has many abrasive elements that help keep our teeth clean and healthy. These abrasive elements don’t only work best for cleaning teeth but also works brilliantly for polishing up the mirrors. Rubbing toothpaste on a mirror can polish out the scratches from the surface and is a great simple remedy for removing the minor scratches from antique mirrors.

2. Using nail polish

Toothpaste works best for minor scratches and is efficient for rubbing the surface of the mirror clean. However, nail polish is certainly a better alternative for removing deep scratches from the delicate surface of the mirror. Nail polish works differently and is used to fill the cavities on the mirror surface layer by layer. Covering deep mirror scratches with a layer of nail polish is highly effective and multiple layers of the nail can be used to fill in even deeper mirror scratches. 

3. A Mustard & Vinegar Paste

If you are in search of something more natural and effective. Perhaps using a mustard/vinegar paste to remove the mirror scratches is the best idea. A mixture of white vinegar and dry mustard is often used to remove minor scratches from the mirror surface naturally and easily. This mixture is applied on the mirror surface and works by polishing the rough scratches present on the mirror. 

4. Try Cerium Oxide or Jewelry-Polishing Compound

If you are looking for some search cleaning solution and an effective scratch removal remedy, cerium oxide is worth a shot. It works in the same way as it works on the exquisite jewelry and strives to restore the shine and lustrous appeal of the antique mirror. 

5. An Effective Aluminum Foil Fix

Some homeowners aren’t a big fan of applying different solutions on the surface of the mirror and sometimes applying solutions don’t always solve the problem. If the scratches are on the reflective coating of the mirror, a quick aluminum foil fix works the best. Requiring only an aluminum foil and a scotch tape, the goal is to stick a piece of foil on the backend of the scratched coating with the reflective side down. 

The Final Verdict

All these fixes and remedies work efficiently for removing minor scratches from the mirror surface or the reflective coating of the antique mirror. Most importantly, it is essential to identify the problem and find out whether the reflective coating is the issue or the mirror only needs simple polishing remedies.