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Simple Tips That Make Any Hotel Feel Like a Luxury Hotel

Hotel bedroom

Knowing your guest personas is vital to creating a marketing plan that appeals to them and increases your hotel bookings. In simple words, a guest persona is a biography of the typical guest your property attracts. For that, you need to make sure your hotel provides the services a visitor is in dire search for. It is a common practice that the target audience often searches online for luxury, five-star hotels and they expect an ever-lasting experience from them. For some guests, words like “luxury” or “boutique” can also deceive. So, here in the blog, we have gathered a few simple tips that you can use to avoid hotel hell and attract guests and business travelers.

1. Easy Booking 

The booking process should be simple and easy. Whether a person does it online, over the phone, or through a travel agent. It should be manageable to contact a knowledgeable, helpful person if the desired person has questions, changes to his/her initial booking, or special requests.

2. Offer good rates with effortless facilities

Business people or entrepreneurs travel a lot due to their busy work schedules. So, with the tiresome routine, they want to experience the best during their stay at your hotel. The pressure of workload can build up stress in the mind causing them to feel overpowered. Therefore, they always seek corporate rates with amazing stress-free packages and comfortable hotel bedding when making online reservations. So, now you have an opportunity to turn their business trip into an enjoyable time.

3. Cheerful, Knowledgeable Staff 

Fake cheerfulness and real warmth have a fundamental difference from each other. The best hotels hire employees who are observant, compassionate, funny, and helpful. A professional staff member can avoid having to refer you to someone else when you have any trouble by being familiar with the facility and the area in which they work.

 Detail of hotel room bed reflected in a mirror

4. On-Site services for a lasting impression

Of course, a wonderful hotel experience depends on the rooms you offer to the guests, but what really distinguishes the top hotels is the variety and quality of services that make a person’s stay memorable. Take a look at the list of facilities you can offer:

  • 24-hour fitness gym
  • A nice area with couches and Wi-Fi to socialize.
  • Swimming pool with flexible timings (If available)
  • Laundry
  • Efficient room service

5. Offer a wide range of menu 

Even if a visitor intends to eat outside, your hotel can avail the opportunity to boost its reputation by offering an on-site restaurant with a wide range of healthy menus, a grab-and-go shop, and a coffee shop. Offering healthy meals will do wonders in delighting the guests because staying fit while traveling is important to them. Carefully watch out if they have any food allergies. The presence of healthy snacks including self-serve toast, cereal, yogurt, and fruits are also appreciated by the visitors.

6. Highly-Responsive for difficulties 

This is where the hotel can shine. The first staff member you notify about a problem should take responsibility for it and personally see so that the issue is fixed. The best-performing hotels typically have a resident manager or GM-level boss on call at all times. It is like when a guest needs assistance, you need to do more than simply hand them over to another staff as soon as fast as possible. You must pay attention, show that you understand the situation, and ensure that you will take the necessary steps to make things right.