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Size Matters in Home Wall Art — Here’s How to Pick the Right One  

Size Matters in Home Wall Art — Here's How to Pick the Right One  

If you have a boring wall, perk it up with the perfect artworks from thrift shops or your artist friends. But before buying a piece, make you know what wall art size you’ll need. Because it matters!

Different Wall Art Sizes


These are wall art pieces ranging from 25cm to 43cm in height and width. Mini wall art normally can stand alone, but if the wall is too big, it might be better to include them in a gallery-type display with bigger artworks.


Small wall art pieces measure around 45cm to 60cm in height and width. These are the perfect size when you want to have a symmetrical grouping of different prints. They’re also perfect in rooms with little wall spaces like the bathroom.


Medium-sized wall art prints are a go-to size for spaces like home offices or foyers. They often come in 65cm to 80cm in height and width.


Large wall art pieces measure around 85cm to 100cm in height and width. They are an easy choice for stand-alone displays on one huge wall. These pieces give a boring wall a polished and classic look.


Anything beyond 100cm is oversized wall art. You can instantly transform a space into a museum-like exhibit by displaying oversized wall art. Just make sure it’s a huge empty wall, though. Because it can also overwhelm a space easily if it’s too small for the artwork.

These are the sizing categories that you need to know so you can also play with them using your creativity. With that out of the way, let’s get to the meat of this article.

 Size Matters in Home Wall Art — Here's How to Pick the Right One   

How to Get the Right Wall Art Size?

Get your tape measures ready because you need to find the exact measurements of the wall that you want to perk up. It doesn’t have to be the entire wall. It could be just a portion of the wall above your bed or just the empty wall space beside your TV.

Once you’ve decided which space you’re going to use, it’s time to get the measurements right.


Follow the formula:

(Width of the wall space) x 0.57 = Ideal artwork width

This formula is best for stand-alone artworks. But you can also use this if you’re planning to display a collection. Just allow those art prints to breathe by leaving 2-3 inches between each frame.


You can also use the same formula. When finding the height. Just replace the wall width with the height measurement and you’ll get the ideal height of the artwork.

Keep in mind that the area you’re going to use for artwork displays (height x width) should cover ⅔  or ¾ of the empty wall space.

When in doubt, or when you’re torn about which artwork you’re gonna display, just go for the slightly bigger one. Simply because bigger is better.

It’s okay to err on the larger side than the small one because if you choose the smaller ones, the open space might feel even emptier or more boring.

More Tips in Wall Art Placement

1. The middle part of the artwork should always be at eye level. If you’re hanging it above a sofa or a console, make sure that there is at least 145cm of space between the top of the sofa and the art print.

2. If the room has low ceilings (below 245cm), divide your wall into four sections from the bottom up. Then the third section is the best area to hang your artwork.

3. If you’re designing an already cluttered room, opt for larger pieces than a collection of small ones. This allows the room to breathe a little more and not make it look even busier.

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