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Skatepark in Reims by Planda + Constructo


With its total surface of 2055 sqm, the new skatepark in Reims designed by Reims-based Planda and specialist skatepark firm Constructo, it’s one of the biggest skateparks in the North East of France. The site of the new skatepark is located in the park Léo Lagrange, bordered by the Olympic Pool of Reims and the Auguste Delaune Football Stadium. The oval shape of the skatepark is the result of four main axes which assure its integration into the surrounding landscape.


The skatepark is in a prime location, straddling mineral and vegetal. Its implantation allows for a transitional landscape blending both organic and geometric aspects in this unique recreational environment. The skatepark extends towards the embankment in the wooded area which is used as a natural grandstand for visitors. The asphalt section is also an area large enough to host mobile bleachers during competitions or other big sports events.


The site as a whole is organised around a central axe bordered by two complementary blocks. One is planted, guaranteeing a durable insertion within the park layout. The other is in concrete, giving visitors an elevated, panoramic view of the course. It is also used as a podium during competitions.

A large square designated as a “Street Zone” extends towards the center of the ditch, giving visitors an easy access to the Bowl. The bowl in red concrete will refer to the legendary Reims football team. Spectators will finally be able to enjoy the show from numerous brick stands set up around the park, reinforcing its public dimension.

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