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Slovenia Pavilion for Expo 2015 by SoNo Arhitekti

SoNo Arhitekti

Composed of five prismatic structures, whose shape is reminiscent of a cultivated landscape, the Slovenia Pavilion for Expo Milano 2015 responds to the event’s theme of “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”. Designed by SoNo Arhitekti the pavilion covers an exhibition area of 1,910 sqm, exemplifies the strong connection between a healthy environment and a healthy food produced locally, with methods that do not weigh on the ecosystem. Indeed, natural resources are the key to sustainable food and good quality of life.


Featuring a pyramidal shape set on a dynamic geometric surface, the building reflects the geographical diversity of Slovenia: the transition from the Alpine mountains to the Pannonian plains, the Mediterranean hills and the cultivated fields, under which lies an extraordinary subterranean labyrinth of Karst caves, stalactites and stalagmites. In tune with nature, the pavilion is made of natural materials – wood and glass.


Slovenia sets out to stimulate the visitor’s senses, offering a showcase of its culinary diversity. Although, in geographical terms, it is relatively small, the country has 24 gastronomic regions, and at Expo Milano 2015 visitors can sample wide array of delights for the palate, including wines. Vineyards are indeed a characteristic of a significant portion of the Slovenian territory.

Walking through the green areas, which are a key feature of the pavilion, visitors are reminded of its lush landscape and can take this opportunity to get to know Slovenia in all its glory.

4-slovenia-pavilion-for-expo-milano-2015-by-sono-arhitekti 5-slovenia-pavilion-for-expo-milano-2015-by-sono-arhitekti 6-slovenia-pavilion-for-expo-milano-2015-by-sono-arhitekti 7-slovenia-pavilion-for-expo-milano-2015-by-sono-arhitekti 8-slovenia-pavilion-for-expo-milano-2015-by-sono-arhitekti 9-slovenia-pavilion-for-expo-milano-2015-by-sono-arhitekti 10-slovenia-pavilion-for-expo-milano-2015-by-sono-arhitekti 11-slovenia-pavilion-for-expo-milano-2015-by-sono-arhitekti 12-slovenia-pavilion-for-expo-milano-2015-by-sono-arhitekti 13-slovenia-pavilion-for-expo-milano-2015-by-sono-arhitekti 14-slovenia-pavilion-for-expo-milano-2015-by-sono-arhitekti 15-slovenia-pavilion-for-expo-milano-2015-by-sono-arhitekti 16-slovenia-pavilion-for-expo-milano-2015-by-sono-arhitekti

all images courtesy of SoNo Arhitekti